Twinning Charter

The Towns of Porthcawl and Saint Sebastien sur Loire, both committed Europeans, hereby set out their intention to maintain amicable relations, through various meetings of their residents and of official representatives.

The Mayors of the two Towns are engaged in encouraging exchanges in all areas, with the intention of reinforcing existing links, of improving understanding between the population of Porthcawl and Saint Sebastien sur Loire, and this in common agreement.

Both Towns will support and help meetings and projects.

Signed for and on behalf of Saint Sebastien sur Loire, in Saint Sebastien sur Loire on 21 March 1999.

Alana Davies,                                                                         Joël Guerriau,

Councillor,                                                                              Mayor of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire,

Mayor of Porthcawl,                                                               Councillor of Loire-Atlantique


Pauline Lawrence,                                                                Michel Michaud,

Councillor,                                                                              Chairman of the association

Deputy Mayor of Porthcawl                                                  Amitié Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire - Porthcawl