Minutes 5th September 2011


Notes of the meeting held at the Porthcawl Hotel - 7.45 5th September 2011

Unfortunately access was not available to the YMCA and the meeting was not

quorate with only 4 members being present.

Those present adjourned to the Porthcawl Hotel where the agenda was discussed and the following points were noted.

Present: Robert Chick, Dave Bush, Malcolm Hanbury and Richard Rowe.

It was noted that apologies had been received from Mary Emment-Lewis (via Barrie S., Caroline David (RC) and Danielle Hanbury (RC).

Some 40 memberships due ljuly had still not been renewed. DB would chase up outstanding subs.

Subs were a significant part of our income. Several events such as the Wine and Cheese evening Gilgal Concert and Bastille Day event had also made major contributions to our funds.

Monday 26 September - European Languages Day - Presentation/MC to be by Dave Bush with quality Buffet of Cold Meats, Pasta and salads. - Price agreed at £7.50 - to commence 7pm.Newsletter to be issued - response form or email required to confirm numbers 1 week before. Minimum 25 required.

Saturday 15 October - Wine and Cheese Night hosted by Mary and Bobby EL, £5 entry, raffle etc. - fund raiser.

Tuesday 15 November - Film night - possibly English with subtitles - Danielle to advise? - New menu prosed by Pavilion - awaiting details. Cost to be £10 maximum. Members to RSVP for tickets. To be advertised in Newsletter.

Friday 9 December - Christmas Party. Proposed venue - The Rest Same format as proposed last year with Father Christmas and entertainment Possibly consider Sounds Familiar for early part of the evening as thanks for the Gilgal concert. Financial contribution necessary. Team to organize - possibly MEL, KEM, DH,MW and gang?

Newsletter to be produced this week We still require an editor, as this task will once again be left for the Chairman. Pencoed Twmpath - cancelled lack of interest. Tripartite meeting cancelled - new committees in Pencoed need time to settle. Following lack of response no further action to be taken by Association in respect of rugby.

St Sebastian have suggested that the end of August once again be the date of our 2012 visit Some comments have already been received which indicate a preference for mid July or April but clarification still required from SSSL regarding a previously mentioned Music festival. RC to email

The secretary has indicated a wish to stand down to allow someone who has better IT skills to produce the minutes and documents which can be readily circulated to members etc

RC 7/9/11


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