Minutes May 11th 2010


Minutes of the Committee meeting at The Seabank on 11th May 2010 at 7.30pm.

Those present: Rob Chick (Chair), Caroline David (Secretary), Malcolm Hanbury (Treasurer), Dave Bush (Membership Secretary). Richard Rowe, Christine Ward. Cllr. Wendy Ingram.

1.Apologies for absence: Neil Sumner, Bobby Lewis.

2.Minutes of the last meeting held on 30th March 2010. CD apologised that these minutes had not been circulated beforehand due to an oversight involving the easter holidays. The minutes were read and approved.

3.Matters arising from the minutes: DB was asked if he had received any response to our letters to the two people who had not renewed their subscriptions outstanding since 1st July 2009 but he said he has not.


i) Sent: Letter of thanks to Mr Jeff Thomas for the AGM buffet at The Grove.

ii) Received: Anne Rees thanking RC for presenting the PSSTTA school prize

RC has been exchanging long e-mails with Valerie regarding accommodation other than with Hosts. The issue is still ongoing.

iii) Publicity: DB had received an E-mail from NS offering to write to The Seaside News before the deadline of May 15th with details of our forthcoming visit to St Sebastien. The offer was accepted. CW suggested that forthcoming events could be listed in the "What’s on" section Of The Gazette.

iv) The secretary forgot to mention the letter that was sent to the Town Clerk on 06.04.10. a copy of which is attached to these minutes.

5.Financial Report

i) MH reported that everyone who was travelling by coach had paid their deposits, a total of £540. £1655 had had to be paid "up front" for the ferry, towards which £300 had been transferred from the Deposit account leaving that account balance at £525.06. It was agreed that members should be asked, via the Newsletter, either to pay the full amount or half of the remainder in mid June and balance in mid July. The balance of the Current Account was £1328.56. but there are some expected outgoings.

ii) MH said there are expense claim forms available for instances where no receipts were obtainable. CD said that she had paid £10 herself to meet the bill for the buffet at the AGM. She gave MH a list of payments received and those still owed.

iii) RC has produced an illustration of income and expenditure figures at the end of the financial year in the form of a pie chart.

6.Membership Report

DB announced that, including three new applications, we now have a total of 71 members. Anyone who joined after April 1st will not have to pay again when subscriptions are due on 1st July.

7.Schools Liaison Report

i) The thick blue folder containing source materials for visiting the primary schools has been mislaid. RC will confirm the dates of the activities for 2 hours on 3 days at both Newton and Nottage primary schools at the end of term. He will also e-mail Anne Rees asking if some of her students of French will take part. CW and WI hope to contribute as do Majit and Richard Preece from last year. The committee is optimistic that sufficient people will come forward. DB is willing to help and advise.

ii) Margaret Bush received a phone call from St Clares to say that their presentation had taken place and photographs are to follow. When they are received the £25 prize money will be sent to the winner. Some discussion followed as to possible ways of broadening the scope of the awards.

iii) MH spoke enthusiastically about putting PSSTTA on Facebook and that will be considered further. RC stressed the necessity for restraint in the use of all contact telephone numbers and the importance of a disposable web address.

iv) An entry in the schools reports section of "The Seaside News" referred to St Johns having had visitors from Nantes.

8.Porthcawl Town Council report

WI reported that as the International Relations Committee had failed to meet at all last year, there was a question as to whether it would continue to exist. She suggested that a PSSTTA section might be put on the Agenda of the regular Council meetings.

9.AGM update/minutes: not yet available due to technical problems.

10.Visit to St Sebastien 2010.

A meeting will be held nearer to departure to give information to everyone who is going. It was stressed that people who were travelling independently should arrange to arrive at the initial meeting point for the introductory group welcome.

11.Future Entertainment and Social activities.

i) The events schedule was approved with minor amendments.

ii) No officers were nominated as being responsible for particular events.

12.Any Other Business

i)A small joint meeting with a representative from Bridgend will take place soon.

ii) Information about the Bush Tucker Barbecue will be in the next Newsletter

iii)The future objectives of PSSTTA were not discussed because of time constraints.

iv)The possibility of grant funding will require the establishment of a task group to do more research and give the matter more consideration.

v) RNLI 5/5/10 The efforts of RC and RR to assist with the visit of French students from the Technical College in St Sebastien were not appreciated by some RNLI supporters.

Meeting closed at 9.50 pm.


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