Minutes September 9th 2010


Minutes of the Committee meeting held at The Pavilion on 09.11.10. at 7.30pm.

Those present: Rob Chick (RC), Mary Emment-Lewis (MEL), Dave Bush (DB), Christine Ward (CW), Malcolm Hanbury (MH), Danielle Hanbury (DH) Wendy Ingram (WI). Richard Rowe (RR), Caroline David (CD)

1.Apologies for absence: None.

Minutes of previous meetings Not available at the meeting but now located.

No minutes were taken at the open meeting at the Hi-Tide on 4th August regarding final details of the forthcoming visit to St Sebastien. A Social Evening was held in the Hi Tide on 21st September at which Mr Keith Morgan showed photographs of the August visit to St Sebastien. Meals were available and 30 people attended The dates of their return visit were announced for April 2011. It was planned to coincide with the Porthcawl Jazz Festival.

It was agreed that we provide our own entertainment at the Christmas party and Maureen Howells would play Carols. Forthcoming events to raise money were a French film and meal for £10 at the Pavilion on 29th October and a Cheese and Wine evening at £5 each hosted by The Mayor on 19th November . It was agreed that PSSTTA should enter a Christmas tree in the Festival organised by Rotary at All Saints Church in December.

DB announced that membership stood at 74 with 1 new member Laurie Williams but 19 subscriptions for this year are still unpaid. Only 14 people have so far joined the T'winners at a cost of £12 per year. DH and Sheila Thomas to organize itineries for youngsters during the twinning visit in April 2011. An appeal for a volunteer publisher would be put in the next Newsletter.

Matters Arising: Minutes not discussed.


a) Sent:

Thanks to Madame Valerie Sourisseau, President of St Sebastien Association for their hospitality during our August visit. RC

Congratulations to the Maire M. Joel Guerriau on being awarded the medal of Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. RC

Agreement of PSSTTA to enter a dressed tree in the Christmas Tree Festival organised by the Rotary Club in All Saints' Church from December 8th to 10th. CD.

b) Received:

i.PSSTTA was invited by the Porthcawl Chamber of Trade to a meeting organised to try to co-ordinate events in Porthcawl. RC sent apologies. MEL said a Council Diary does exist. Forty invitations were sent out but only about twelve organisations attended. Bill Stubbs was elected as Chairman.

ii.Invitation from the British Legion to lay a wreath at the Remembrance Day Service. RR to attend as PSSTTA representative.

5.Financial Report MH i. Account balances

C/Acc £845.50 R/Acc £2525.18. Some transactions not yet finalised. £2000 has been transfered from the Current to the Reserve Account, ii. T'winners Club Membership is now 24 as compared with 29 last year. It should be promoted in the next issue of the Newsletter because, as well as being a feature of the Christmas Party, it helps to keep the subscriptions down.

6.Membership Report DB

We now have 76 paid memberships made up of 30 individuals, 33 families. 7 schools and 6 Corporate members including the Seabank Hotel via their Head Office. The chairman's ambition is to achieve 100 members.

7.Youth Development.

RC said it is important to have a format for the visits to Newton and Nottage Primary Schools next year. DH said it is extremely difficult to make contact with staff as they do not return her calls or respond to her e-mails. She mentioned the European Day of Languages in September and CD suggested that our shields might be presented to the schools then. Matter to be considered together with DH and DB.

8 Porthcawl Town Council Report.

Minutes of the meeting of the International Relations Committee on 06.10.10. were circulated by RC who asked that PSSTTA be notified in good time of issues that might concern us. WI said that her understanding was that the purpose of the Committee was to fund raise for the 3rd World. It was questioned whether this fell within the remit of a Town Council?

9. Recent and Future Events

i. Film Night 28/10. An enjoyable evening in a good venue but not well supported. Ideally tickets should have been sold in advance. It was agreed that it would be worth repeating with more publicity and possibly with the co-operation of the film society. DH to prepare a synopsis of possible films.

ii.Fund Raiser 19/11. Admission price to include cheese and crackers and a glass of wine. Additional wine to be sold at £1 per glass. PSSTTA wine glasses to be loaned. Raffle prizes requested.

iii.Christmas Party 17/12. Non-refundable deposits of £9 per person to be paid to the Rest by 19th November. House wine available at £10 a bottle or bring your own with a corkage charge of £5. DB asked if the Badminton Club could have a table. Children would be given a present (provided by their parents) from Father Christmas. WI said her husband would dress up. RC to purchase Christmas boxes from Cost Co. to be auctioned together with any other suitable donations. DH to provide a CD of French Carols to be playing as people arrive. Carol sheets needed which include "The Twelve Days of Christmas" which MEL will lead. CD to confirm that Maureen is able to play.

10. 2011 Calendar

i. Joint meetings/calendar Bridgend and Pencoed - Not discussed.

11.2011 Visit to Porthcawl Sat 23rd - Thurs 28th April RC

i.TTA Itinerary: Suggestions put forward included the Jazz weekend, visits to St Fagan's Museum (CW), Felyn Foel Brewery, Troestre Tinplate Museum (Keith Morgan), Disco/Karaoke Royal Oak, Go Ape/Surfing (DH) Millennium Stadium.

n>ii.Rugby: Arrival 31st Aug - 1st Sept 2011 Eighteen French players aged 14-15 with their supporters to be hosted by the Rugby Club. Match against Porthcawl - RR to contact Martin Furness. Entertainment may need to be arranged Some suggestions were: a Hog Roast Celebrities e.g. Tom Pridey, Millennium Stadium visit.

iii.Technical College exchange: 15 students want practical experience/observation of Building skills 13 - 23 April. RC

iv.School exchange: 3 French students (Anne Rees)

These may be difficult to arrange because our schools and Colleges may be closed.

12.2012 Cultural Visit to SSSL (prov June} - not discussed. RC writing a response

to SSSL. N.B. The Queen’s Jubilee (MEL) and the Olympic games will both be held during the same period.

13.Any other Business

i.TTA Equipment It was suggested that an appeal be made via the Newsletter to find out who is holding PSSTTA items (e.g. the Standard made by George Goddard) so that a full Inventory can be made. St Sebastien Day 22nd January is not celebrated.

ii.Reduction in future activities - not dealt with.

Ways to be found to reduce our printing costs while maintaining quality.

14.Meeting closed at 9.35pm.


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