Minutes January 11th 2011


Minutes of the Committee meeting held at The Grove on 11.01.11. at 7.30 pm

Those present: Rob Chick (RC)Chairman, Caroline David (CD) Secretary, Malcolm Hanbury (MH) Treasurer, Dave Bush (DB) Membership Secretary, Mary Emment-Lewis (MEL), Richard Rowe (RR), Shiela Thomas (ST), Danielle Hanbury (DH), Christine Ward (CW),

1.Apologies for absence: Wendy Ingram (Wl)

Robert Lee (RL) and John Bunker (JB) were invited to attend so that, prior to the meeting proper, they could give details on the progress of the new website for PSSTTAA available for viewing through and information on the JAZZ Festival which will be taking place over Easter. Before they left JB said he will send us details of the JAZZ programme after their next meeting so that arrangements can be made for any of our French visitors who want to attend.

2.Minutes of the last meeting held on 11.10.10., having been circulated beforehand, were agreed as accurate and signed by the Chairman.

3.There were no matters arising.

4.Correspondence. The only correspondence received by the Secretary was an invitation from Pencoed Town and District Twinning Association to participate in their exchange visit to Waldsassen from 9th to 14th June which was passed around so that anyone interested could take the details and contact the Pencoed Secretary directly.

5.Financial Report

i.MH announced the following balances: Reserve Account: £2525. Current Account: £1125.

ii.T'Winners club. 26 members have paid in and £150 will be paid out in prize money at the Social Evening on 24.01.11.

iii.Fund raising events. The Film night at the Seabank on 29.10.10. was enjoyable and costs were less than expected. The Mayor (MEL) was thanked for hosting a Cheese and Wine evening on 19.11.10 which raised in excess of £200.

6.Membership Report DB

Numbers remain the same but there have been recent enquiries about joining.

7.Future events.

i.A Social and pre-visit planning meeting will be held at the Hi-Tide on Monday 24th January when refunds will be made from the cancelled Christmas function. It will start at 7pm to allow time for a meal for those who want to eat. Maureen Howells will be approached about playing for a Sing-along. RC will send out a Bulletin to inform members. RC

ii.>Porthcawl Comprehensive School exchange

Three six formers will be hosted in St Sebastien between 18th and 23rd of February. RC proposed that they be given 30 Euros each.

iii.Technical College / La Bougerie visit to Neath Port Talbot College. Arrangements are to be made for 13 students (aged 16-18) and 2 tutors to be hosted for a week from 28.03.11. It was proposed that we provide a hospitality event at some time during their visit.

8.2011 Visit from SSSL on 23-28th April.

i.TTA Itinerary- RC presented a draft timetable for discussion and asked for leaders for each event. He will meet with the Council to confirm their participation.

ii.>Junior Rugby team (under 15's) visit. 41 people, 6 adult coaches and 35 children, will be coming at the same time as our exchange visitors. They are Grant funded and will stay at Trecco Bay. They would like to visit the Millennium Stadium.

iii.Junior programme. MH and ST are working on events for youngsters but we do not know how many will be coming. The programme will include the young Rugby players where affordable. MH/ST

9.Any Other Business

i.Joint concert with choirs from Bridgend/Villenave D'Ornon Town Twinning Associations on 10/04/11 at Tabernacle Chapel Bridgend. They have offered to arrange a concert in Porthcawl on the Saturday night. Our members to be given 2 tickets each to sell.

ii.Publicity. April to be declared "Le Mois Francais". It was proposed that a poster be drawn up and produced by MEL for circulation. The Mayor also offered to host a fund raising coffee morning on Saturday 19th February. MEL

iii.Picture frame display. It was suggested that Keith Morgan could put together photographs of past exchanges on an automatic visual display which might possibly be shown in a window in town at some time..

iv.DB proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman for his hard work.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm


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