Minutes February 14th 2011


Minutes of the Committee meeting held at the YMCA on 14.02.11. at 7.30 pm

Those present: Rob Chick (RC) Chairman, Malcolm Hanbury (MH) Treasurer, Caroline David (CD) Secretary, Dave Bush (DB) Membership Secretary), Richard Rowe (RR), Danielle Hanbury {DH).

1. Apologies for absence: Christine Ward (CW), Mary Emment-Lewis (MEL), Shiela Thomas (ST). Not present: Wendy Ingram (Wl).

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 11.01.11. were corrected, as follows: item 5ii: £150 changed to £175 item 9iv: the chairman added a summary of the discussion about costs and the rugby dub events to his copy of the minutes before signing them.

3. There were no matters arising.

4. Correspondence.

i. RC has sent and received a great many E-mails about the forthcoming visits most of which have been placed on file and were available for view on request.

ii. PPSSTTA has received an invitation from Porthcawl Town Council to take part in the Pancake Race on Newton Green on Sunday 6th March. Although RC is not able to attend DH agreed to organise a team. CD to reply together with the entrance fee of £10.

5. Financial Report

i. MH announced the following balances:

Reserve Account: £2525.44. Current Account: £835.36.

Total: £3360.80 net of refunds for deposits for cancelled Christmas dinner.

ii. T'Winners club. The draw took place at the Hi Tide on 24.01.11. and the prize-winners were £100 Margaret Bush, £50 Sandra and Peter Townsend, £25 Dave Bush. Subscriptions are now open for 2011 at £12 a year or £1 a month which can be paid by Standing Orders.

iii. Porthcawl Comprehensive School exchange. 30 Euros will be given, for each of the three sixth formers who will be hosted in St Sebastien between 18th and 23rd of February, to Anne Rees at the school and a receipt obtained by MH.

RC 'There was general discussion on the extent of the Association's responsibility towards guests from SSSL and others who were not members i.e. exchange students from the local schools, young rugby players, technical students from La Baugerie. It became clear that there was general agreement that we should be involved in facilitating such visits but there was no resolution as to the extent we may wish to participate or fund the activities or hospitality for visitors. The Chair (RC) was of the opinion that the Association is not a club and in accordance with the Constitution the broad remit of the Association was to promote town twinning by facilitating exchanges, education and community programmes with SSSL and that the level of expenditure should not necessarily be

determined by the extent of an individual's relationship with the Association but of that of the Twinned Towns."

A question was also raised regarding the Chair's unaccompanied attendance at the Town Council. The Chair (RC) advised that this was a specific invitation to the Chair and that in the absence of a specific detailed agenda it facilitated discussion without the risk of contrary opinions being expressed in front of members.

6. Membership Report. DB reported two new family memberships: Lindi and Ian Hutchinson, and Beatrice Gaudion and Nick Thomas.

7. Avril - Le Mois Francais. The Town Council have asked us to contact the Chamber of Trade to publicise this idea. RC to contact Lyndsey Morgan and DH to design a poster.

i. junior Rugby team (under 15's) visit. 41 people, 6 adult coaches and 35 children, will be coming at the same time as our exchange visitors. They are Grant funded and are planning to stay at Trecco Bay. They would like to visit the Millennium Stadium and possibly Techniquest.

Discussion took place regarding funding support for the Rugby team and exchange students, particularly in respect of the rugby evening, picnic and soiree d’Adieu.

ii. Proposed Joint concerts. Bridgend Town Twinning Association have asked for our support when they host a choir from their twin town of Villeneuve D'Ornon

a) on Friday 8th April at Gilgal Chapel Porthcawl when "Sounds Familiar" will also sing.

RC wants our members to be given 2 tickets each to sell - price unknown. Net proceeds to be shared with Bridgend TTA.

b) on Saturday 9th April at Tabernacle Chapel Bridgend when the French visitors will perform with choirs from Bridgend. Proceeds for the sole benefit of Bridgend TTA.

iii. Itinerary for the visit to Porthcawl 23rd - 28th April.

RC had produced a draft of the previously discussed and reported programme for each day and suggestions were made as to possible costs of various items.

a) Junior programme. It is anticipated that there will be about 12 young French visitors and possibly 6 from here. DH and ST are planning events for them on the Sunday and Tuesday. A budget for of £100 for Bowling in Trecco and £275 for Ice Skating etc. in Cardiff was agreed.

b) Jazz. No firm decisions can be made without further information about the programme and the numbers who might want to attend. It was thought that the main events might require £500. Tickets would be purchased for interested guests with members paying for their own tickets. It is hoped to obtain concessions.

c) Visit to the Felin Foel Brewery for 50 people will need a donation of £2 a head and lunch at The Greyhound pub is expected to be about £4 each. RC will approach the Brewery with a view to increasing numbers to 75.

d) Welsh Folk Museum. No admission or parking charges for coaches but cars cost £4 each. Picnics to be taken for lunch. RC raised the question of funding the picnic for the young rugby players who were not to be hosted. He suggested this could be provided cheaply by members as a DIY exercise.

e) Soiree d'Adieu. The Porthcawl Town Council have agreed to a donation of £500. No figures were available as to the cost of the food or entertainment. Guests will be free, members will have a different price structure from non-members.

f) Rugby programme. Most of the expenses will be met by the Rugby Club. The Twinning Association will provide a small Welcome Reception for their arrival and provide one evening's entertainment for the team as well as making a contribution to food at a Rugby Club Social (cost unknown). We will provide two engraved presentation cups. MH to investigate the cost of those.

8. Calendar for 2011. Only the visit was considered.


9. Any Other Business.

A further meeting will be necessary to finalise the costs, the programme and to identify

persons responsible for the different elements of the programme.

RC to e-mail members to remind them about the Mayor's Coffee morning on Saturday.

Thursday 31st March is a Civic Fundraising Evening at the Hi-Tide. Tickets £19.50.

The meeting closed at 11pm


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