Minutes of the AGM 2011

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 25.05.11 at the Hi Tide.

1. Apologies for absence:

Pencoed and District Town Twinning Association, Eileen Mcllveen, Janet and David Anderson, Sandra and Peter Townsend, Chris Ward, Helga Clarke, Gillian Thomson, Anne Rees, Linda and Ian Hutchinson, Anna Bedford and Barbara Smith.

2. Approval of minutes from the last AGM 28 April 2010.

The minutes had been issued beforehand to all members and were now accepted as a true record. Proposed: John Berry, Seconded: Jean Duff.

3. Matters arising from minutes: None.

4. Chairman's Report: Rob Chick (RC). Attached.

5. Treasurer's Report: Malcolm Hanbury (MH).

Copies of the audited accounts were distributed and accepted. Proposed: Richard Rowe. Seconded: Mary Emment- Lewis. The Treasurer appealed for more support for the T'winners 200 club which is an important source of income but said that the payments in will need to brought into line with the prizes in the future. Moira Edwards asked if we had applied for funding from the EU. The Chairman replied that it may be a possibility but, in order to meet their conditions, what we do as an organisation would have to "tick a lot of boxes" and ensure we have a programme which is open to the whole community.

6 Membership Secretary's Report: Dave Bush (DB).

There has been a small but steady increase in membership which now stands at 79. This includes some younger people which has brought the average age of members down a little. 16% of members now pay by Direct debit and DB praised others who pay promptly. Collection from some is still protracted but is slightly better than 2010 with only one person having to be written off. DB said that, although subscriptions are not due until July, he would be happy to take them now. Last year, subscriptions raised £675 and DB said that although some members do not play an active part in events they still appreciate receiving the Newsletter. He hoped that the subscription rate would remain the same, as an increase could mean the numbers decrease.

Corporate members consist of seven schools, the Silures Art Gallery, the Grove Golf Club, the Rugby Club, the Hi Tide, the Atlantic Hotel and the Seabank Hotel. DB said further suggestions are welcome and the Porthcawl Hotel was suggested as a possibility. There are 24 individual and 42 family members. The Chairman's ambition is to achieve a membership of 100 but he felt the question needs to be asked whether this is realistic or even desirable?

7. Election of Officers.

a. Chairman. RC stood down and the Secretary took the Chair while the position of Chairman for the next year was decided. There being no other nominations, and RC being willing to continue, this was proposed by Caroline David, seconded by Megan Taylor and unanimously accepted by members.

b. Secretary. Caroline David (CD) had notified the meeting that she did not have the necessary IT skills to fulfil the function properly and was willing to stand down. However she was offered support and assistance from Robert Lee and, this arrangement being accepted by the meeting, she was re-elected. Proposed: Rob Chick. Seconded: Andrew Collier.

c. Treasurer. Malcolm Hanbury re-elected. Proposed: Richard Rowe. Seconded: Caroline David.

d. Membership Secretary. Dave Bush re-elected. Proposed: Megan Taylor. Seconded: Ron Jones.

e. Publicity Officer. This position remains open. RC described what was required and asked anyone willing to help to contact him.

8. Appointment of Auditor. Andrew Collier, having been thanked for his work this year, was re-appointed.

Proposed: Malcolm Hanbury. Seconded: Ron Jones.

9. Confirmation of Mayor to act as President. Councillor Barbara Stubbs, as the current Mayor, was invited to be our President and was pleased to accept.

10. Town Council Representative. Councillor Mary Emment-Lewis (MEL) will fill this role and she expressed the wish that the Council and PSSTTA will continue to work well together.

11. Any Other Business. MEL informed the meeting that there is a new sign outside the Council offices pointing the way to Saint Sebastien sur Loire.

DB proposed a vote of thanks to CD for "saving” PSSTTA last year and to RC who was responsible for 95% of this year's success.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.

After members who had ordered meals had eaten there followed a very enjoyable Wine Tasting competition organised by RC and won by the team who named themselves "The Winos". The Raffle organised by Margaret Bush was won by CD. The event raised £60 but expenses were £80.

Since the meeting it can be reported that four volunteers have come forward to form a Publicity team: Cllr M Emment- Lewis, Keith E.Morgan, Lorrie Desmond- Lewis and Melanie Weaver.


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