Minutes of the AGM April 2010


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting at The Grove on 28th April 2010 at 7.30pm.

Number present: 22. 19 Apologies for absence from:

Dave and Margaret Bush, Bob and Mary Lewis, Christine and Alan Ward, Anne Rees, Peter and Sandra Townsend, Maureen Howells, Janet and Danielle Hanbury, Bill and Jean Duff, Gillian Thomson, Pat Capron, Sheila Thomas, John Bunker, Helga Collier.

Councillor Rosemary Deere took the Chair until after the election of Officers.

1. Minutes of the last AGM and the subsequent Special General Meeting, having been delivered to all members beforehand, RC asked that they be considered together.

Approval of both minutes Proposed: John Berry Seconded: Janet Anderson. Accepted.

2. Matters Arising from the minutes:

Rob Chick declared his intention to add more archive photographs to the DVD of past exchange visits with St Sebastien-sur-Loire.

3. Chairman's Report: See separate sheet.

4a. Treasurer's Report

Everyone present was given a summary of the annual accounts audited by Andrew Collier. The full accounts were in a file on the table and open for inspection. Malcolm explained that he took over as Treasurer in October 2009. The AGM that year was delayed until May but in 2011 the end of the financial year will revert to March 31st.

Approval Proposed: David Anderson Seconded: Richard Rowe. Accepted.

4b. Membership Report. In the absence of the Membership Secretary Dave Bush the Chairman reported that membership now stands at 71. Subscriptions are due from 1st July, only 8 pay by Standing Order which would make the job easier. It would be good to have more members for the T'winners Club as it helps the funds.

4c. Council Report

Rosemary Deere, Ex Officio President 2010, reported that there had not been any Twinning visits during her year in office which ends on 13th May when Cllr Mary Emment - Lewis will become Mayor and also President of our Association. PSSTTA had supported several Civic events during the year including the Civic lunch which raised £925 for the Mayor's Charities, a fund raising Quiz and the Pancake Race.


There was no report from the International Relations Committee of Porthcawl Town Council who had not met successfully because of a change of Town Clerk and a non-quorate meeting. The composition may need to be changed. Possible links with Pencoed and Bridgend were mentioned. European funding is difficult because of the number of countries joining.

5a. Election of Officers:

Chairman: Rob Chick

Proposed: Richard Rowe, Seconded: Megan Taylor Secretary: Caroline David

Proposed: Janet Anderson, Seconded: Megan Taylor Treasurer: Malcolm Hanbury

Proposed Neil Sumner, Seconded: Peggy Sarle Membership Secretary: Dave Bush

Proposed: Richard Rowe, Seconded: Andrew Collier

5b. Election of Committee members

Maureen Howells has resigned for health reasons; Danielle Hanbury has resigned as Schools Liaison Officer because of other commitments. Richard Rowe and Christine Ward were prepared to continue and were duly elected. No other nominations were received. There is no Publicity Officer. The Committee has the power to co-opt.

5c. Election of Auditor: Andrew Collier

Proposed: Rob Chick Seconded: Neil Sumner

6. Any Other Business:

i. David Anderson proposed a formal vote of thanks to the Committee for re-establishing the Association and the joint venture with Bridgend Council and said he had every confidence in the future.

ii. Visit to St Sebastien-sur-Loire in August 2010. 28 people are going on the coach so far but there may be 4 others. 8 people are travelling independently. The money should be paid to the Treasurer by the end of June possibly using post-dated cheques. Regarding a joint Bridge event, Megan Taylor asked when they would be playing but no-one could give that information

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Porthcawl St Sebastien Town Twinning Association - AGM 28 April 2010.

Chairman's Report April 2010.

A difficult, but busy and productive year - I feel there were some parallels with the economy, but the good news is, we also, seem to have avoided the double dip. There is also good news in that membership has increased and we are still endeavouring to develop every opportunity that arises to involve the elected members and work with other similar organisations.

There has been closer relationship with the Town Council and we have seen regular attendance and support by our President Rosemary Deere, the Mayor and other members. Unfortunately we have not been able to meet and discuss protocols we discussed at last year’s AGM but we are confident, that they will now exists to make things happen and we are optimistic that we shall see a resolution to some of the past issues in the coming year. I take this opportunity to express our thanks to last year’s Mayor, Cllr Rosemary Deere, to Cllr Mary Lewis the Mayor elect and Cllr Wendy Ingram for keeping us informed and supporting the Association through the year. We understand the process to resolve our concerns is not one they can progress in isolation and I have written to Rosemary asking that we might develop and share a positive and joint vision for PSSTTA before our visit in August.

I do not intend to provide a synopsis of every event we have organised or attended this year. There is a schedule produced with my report which will be published in the next Newsletter, it has undoubtedly been a very busy eight months. This is my opportunity to thank all members of the committee for their support. In particular Caroline our Secretary -for her counsel and efforts to simplify matters -l listen, and try, but you know what they say about new tricks and old dogs!, I thank Malcolm for his disciplined approach to the accounts, Dave for enduring all the frustrations of collecting the subs and his pastoral work in visiting sick and absent members - and Neil for his continuing labours on the Newsletter - despite my interference! Particular thanks are also due to Chris Ward for looking at funding, Danielle Hanbury- particularly for her pancake skills and Richard Rowe - for his attendance at Remembrance Day service, support at the Trust Quiz and his work with RNLI and students.

And, to prove I'm human my thanks and apologies to my wife Debbie who has occasionally borne the brunt of my sarcasm and frustration on certain issues. Thanks are also due to Bob Lewis for helping arrange this year’s trip to SSL and of course to Andrew Collier for once again auditing the accounts. Hopefully Andrew will stand for re election. And, last but not least- Margaret Bush for her efforts with the raffles and our booking agent Sheila Thomas for bringing us Denis Lang at the Christmas party. There is still a need for us to better understand what Town Twinning is all about times have changed and the approach does need to refreshed - younger blood will help, but most important are a clear vision and fresh ideas. We need to include fun, fund raiser and perhaps set some more serious objectives.

In this context I see that there are far greater opportunities for developing our links with the schools and community, and from the council's perspective opportunities to promote Porthcawl. As I have said several times we need to be confident of our raison d’être (there some French at last) and I feel that the emphasis on language has possibly at times been overstated. Possibly a greater focus on environmental or cultural issues which are prominent in the St Sebastien Magazine and Bridgend Bulletin may provide us with a better focus and encourage both young and old to engage through common interest in community issues.

We have some longstanding issues which need to be resolved particularly decisions on future funding, promotion of Town Twinning in the community and to generate further interest in the special relationship with SSSL, possibly by collaborative approaches with other similar organisations. Although we have been very busy it is imperative members support events there is a huge amount of effort by the committee in organising venues and other details to make things happen- so please, if at all possible join in....

Finally thank you for allowing myself and the committee the opportunity to serve you this year and hopefully we be given the chance to continue in office and refresh our outlook, review our agenda and generally raise our profile in the coming year.

Rob Chick - AGM April 2010.