Minutes March 16th 2011


Minutes of the Committee meeting held at the YMCA on 16.03.11. at 7pm

Those present: Rob Chick (RC) Chairman, Malcolm Hanbury (MH) Treasurer, Caroline David (CD) Secretary, Dave Bush (DB) Membership Secretary, Richard Rowe (RR), Sheila Thomas (ST), Danielle Hanbury (DH).

1. Apologies for absence: Christine Ward (CW), Mary Emment-Lewis (MEL).

Not present: Wendy Ingrham (Wl).

2. The Minutes of the last meeting held on 15.03.11 (not 14th as dated) were agreed and signed.

3. Matters arising: None

4. Correspondence (CD)

i. A letter of thanks from Anne Rees on behalf of the 3 students from Porthcawl Comprehensive School who were hosted recently in France was read out and a card from one of the Parents thanking the Association for the Euros given to her son was circulated.

ii. Attention was drawn to the account by Councillor Chris Smart, published in The Gem on 24.02.11., about the Council's donation of £500 towards the cost of a social evening "to greet the town's French twins".

iii. A copy of the March/April Newsletter of the Pencoed and District Twinning Association has been received with an open invitation to their forthcoming events.

5. Financial Report (MH)

i. Balances

Reserve Account: £2525.44. No change from last quarterly Statement.

Current Account: £847.04 balance on 07.03.11.

£13.50 has been spent on four matching aprons for the PSSTTA team for the recent Pancake race. Entry fee to this Mayor's Charities fund raising event was £10.

ii. T'Winners club. Only 8 subscriptions have been received for this so far. Reminders and Standing Order mandates to be sent out with next Newsletter.

6. Membership Report (DB). No Change. MH pointed out that the £665 received from member’s subscriptions in this financial year formed the major source of our income.

7. Technical Students. 27th March - 1st April.

i. RC has arranged the following programme: Monday - visit to Brecon with a picnic lunch, Tuesday - Thursday classes at Neath Port Talbot College. A Gig arranged by the college at Neath on Tuesday evening and attendance at the Porthcawl Civic Fund Dinner on Thursday.

ii. RC pointed out that the estimated budget of £100 was not realistic e.g. subsidised College lunches will cost £3-£4 per student per day. An increase of up to £225 was agreed.

Questions were raised again as to whether PSSTTA money should be used for non-members but the Chairman referred back to the principles of Town Twinning described in the last

meeting: to facilitate exchanges, education and community programmes with SSSL.

MH said that members ought to have been informed about the expenditure but this had not been addressed at the last full meeting. RC was of the opinion that the committee had been elected to make these decisions and had the authority to act on behalf of members. Members were fully aware of the objectives and activities programme via newsletters and business meetings. The committee had a responsibility to ensure expenditure was within the rules and did not affect the financial viability of the Association. Historically we had spent around 60% of our total funds at the time of a visit and always retained a balance of approximately two years' subscriptions. This has not changed. DH said there are lessons to be learned for the future but we have to go ahead now and this was agreed by everyone.

8. Concert at Gilgal Church on Friday 8th April.

i. The concert featuring Sounds Familiar and Chorale du Lac has been organised by Bridgend Town Twinning who will share the proceeds with PSSTTA in return for our involvement. RC has designed and distributed posters and printed tickets. Anne Clarke has taken 56 tickets and we have 79. CD expressed her concern about how these would be sold. Her contact number had been put on the poster and we will all promote to have all members attend.

ii. Budget expected to include £150 Expenses, £40 Hire of Hall, and £30 Pianist.

9. Twinning visit to Porthcawl 23rd-28th April 2011.

The following items were discussed as follows:

Children's programme - a budget has been allocated for activities on Sunday and Tuesday but ST and DH will remain flexible until they have met the children and their parents.

Money was requested for £1 a head deposits for ice-skating. Bowling in Trecco Bay costs £2 per alley but it is not possible to reserve in advance. The children would not be able to go swimming without adequate competent adult supervision.

*Jazz tickets - MH to book 3 tables for Sun. and Mon. nights after speaking to John Bunker. *Brewery - Numbers are limited but there may be a few seats on the coach for hosts. The cost of the lunch for members would be around £6. (Later amended to £5 by RC).

*Welsh Folk Museum - Entry free, a pass has been obtained for free parking for the coaches but car drivers will have to pay. Hosts to provide a picnic lunch or use the Restaurant.

* Soiree d'Adieu :

a) Entertainment including a double bass to be provided by a group called Pluckandsqueeze whose compare speaks French. Porthcawl Male Voice Choir have failed to respond to phone calls or e-mails so we will not pursue the matter further.

b) Food/Ticket price - DB proposed that the Hi Tide be asked to provide a two course meal for £8 a head. DH suggested that as a concession hosts should only pay £5 each. Both proposals agreed to. The President and Consort to be guests of the Association.

*Rugby Programme - the teams cannot stay in Trecco Bay caravans without accredited Supervisors and the results of an appeal for hosts by the Rugby club has been disappointing. There is now some doubt as to whether the exchange will go ahead at this time.

*Budgets - Budgets: There was a general discussion on the total expenditure for the visit, the effect of any cancellations on the programme and the overall costs to hosts. The grant from the Council would be drawn down once the final costs have been established.

*Additional hosts still needed. Personal appeals to be made by telephone to previous hosts.

10. Calendar for 2011 - the Chairman's provisional arrangements were approved.

11. RC proposed that we make a donation to the YMCA for the use of the room. DH suggested £10 per Committee meeting. Accepted.

12. Any Other Business.

* Personal views were expressed that the pancake race could have been better organised. Sunday lunchtime may not be the ideal time for families to support the event but it was generally enjoyable.

* Le Mois Francais. RC had spoken to Alan Edwards for the Chamber of Trade and he had agreed to ask members to display a poster. DH advised that she would now finish the poster. The Students' visit and the Concert at Gilgal were to be included.

* Civic Fund Variety Night. RC reminded members of this fund raising dinner on Thursday 31st March at £19.50 per ticket. The Mayor had been a staunch supporter of the Association during her year as President and it would be good to see members support this event. It would be advertised in the forthcoming Newsletter.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm.



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