Minutes 8th November 2019

Minutes of PSSTTA Committee meeting held @ 2, Flatholm Way 8th November @7.00pm.

Present: ME-L, BL, RL, AL, PW, EW, DB, CH.


  1. Chairman’s Welcome. MEL welcomed all and thanked AL for hosting:
  2. Apologies: Mayor Cllr Graham Walter.
  3. Minutes of last meeting: Change of dates for the trip to France.
  4. Correspondence: Letter from the British Legion inviting Chairman to Armistice service.  BL to lay the wreath.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £3227.95 in bank at present. There are 2 cheques just received for £50.00 in total and a cheque due out for £43.00 for a new ledger.
  6. Membership Report: DB reported that there are 82 memberships of which 13 remain unpaid. Details given out and Committee to help contact these members. Maureen Howells possibly no longer a member. AL to send latest membership list to CH.
  7. Social Secretary’s Report: Cheese and wine evening next Wednesday @ M and B’s. EW has prepared a newsletter for issue. RL thanked EW for her efforts. It was agreed that all corporate members receive one as well. ME-L suggested that we prepare 3 newsletters per year. Recap of Xmas party arrangements. PW to play harp, quiz to be prepared by DB and Xmas carols to be sung. No raffle.  AL to request £5.00 deposit for Xmas party and remind members about the T’Winners club.  Fish and chip supper and Business meeting to be arranged in January.
  8. Schools: CH has discussed role with DB earlier today. CH is presently sorting out  Xmas quiz for primary schools.
  9. TT Liaison: AL stated there was nothing to report. BL to give AL details of Cowbridge TT. ME-L to forward email from Mark Steer, Pencoed TT, regarding an invite to a social event.
  10. Publicity: PW reported that he had prepared several reports of social events which have been included in The Gem and Seaside News.
  11. AOB: Xmas tree for the Rotary Tree festival discussed. AL to provide and decorate tree. Next meeting: Friday 10th January @7.00pm @ Mary and Bobby’s. ME-L asked that we bring along a bottle and some food.