Minutes 10th January 2020

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Friday 10th January 2020 @ Flatholm This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Present: MEL BL, RL, AL, PW, DB, MB.

Chairman’s welcome: ME-L thanked members for attending.  She also thanked AL for sorting out the Xmas tree for the Rotary Xmas Tree festival. ME-L and BL attended Pencoed TT event which was very enjoyable. BL laid a wreath at Remembrance Service on behalf of PSSTTA.

Apologies:  EW, CH.

Correspondence: A bill for hosting our website has been received from RL. An invite to the mayor’s community awards evening has been received. ME-L has received an email from the SSSL President, Bernard, who said they are looking forward to us coming over in August.


Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that the T’Winners draw had worked out well at our Xmas party and a profit was made.

Membership Report: DB reported that we currently have 80 memberships although 5 remain unpaid. He also believed that Maureen Howells was now in a care home.

Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported in EW absence that the Beaujolais night had been very entertaining and that the Xmas party had been very enjoyable. She thanked PW for his harp playing.  During the evening, the Mayor, Cllr Graham Walters, presented us with a plaque for our efforts in running the Town Twinning Association which was very much appreciated.

Schools: DB reported that the Xmas quiz in Primary schools did not take place as CH was unwell.

TT Liaison: AL reported that there were no events in the pipeline that she was aware of. However, 5 members of Pencoed TT did attend our Xmas party.

Publicity: PW will send a report and photo to the press of our Mayor’s award.

AOB: Fish and chip supper to be organised for February 3rd and there will be a Business meeting at the same time. DB reported that Brian Saunders has just had a major operation. AL to send a card.