Minutes 14th January 2019

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee meeting held on 14th January 2019 @ 28, West Drive.

Present: ME-L, BL, DB, MW,AL,IW, RL.

  1. Chairman’s Welcome.
  2. Apologies: PW, RR. DB informed us that RR was unwell at present.
  3. Minutes: Matters arising- RL explained options for renewal of website domain. All in favour of renewing for 3 years to take advantage of the discount.  ME-L said that she had a copy of the original logo mentioned in the last minutes.
  4. Correspondence: MW has made several attempts to contact local football clubs. She eventually had contact from John McCarthy of Porthcawl FC who was very interested.  He was given the contact details in France. Nothing else has been heard.MW said that we would organise a social event for both teams should they get together.  DB has visited The Grove Golf Club and has spoken to some senior members who seem interested. They are having a Committee meeting shortly to discuss. Valerie Piron informed DB that 4-6 golf members were keen to come over to Porthcawl. DB suggested that just a couple should come over initially to establish links.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: BL informed us that at present, we have £4709 in our bank accounts less a few expenses just handed to him.
  6. Membership. DB reported that we have approximately 89 members at present including badminton players.
  7. Social Secretary’s Report: MW thanked DB for his talk at the Beaujolais fish and chip supper. MW thanked everyone who helped at The Xmas craft fair which made approximately £300.   ME-L said a special thanks to MW, IW and AW for organising the event. The Beaujolais Night after the Xmas fair was a pleasant evening and we broke even financially. 40 People attended the Xmas party at the High Tide. The Catwg Bellringers provided excellent entertainment. The quiz and singalong were enjoyable also. The raffle mad £40 and the T’Winners Draw broke even. It was agreed to review this at the next AGM. MW has sent details of the event to PW for submission to local press. She will also send photos to RL for the website. Possibility of a social event in March.
  8. Schools: MW sent an Xmas quiz to the local primary schools. There were 54 entries from West Park Primary and 9 from Nottage Primary. The prizes were dictionaries of which 10 were handed out to West Park pupils in assembly and 2 were delivered to Nottage. IW has submitted an article to the Gem and Gazette about the assembly which was attended by MW, IW and DB. He has also directed pupils to our Website with a view to joining our association. TT Liaision: Mark Steer from Pencoed TT attended our Xmas party. MW reported she will contact Gaelle at PC Comp re possible film night as the 6th Form pupils may be interested. There were no other events in the pipeline at present.
  9. French visit:

-          Pavilion: RL reported that he has paid a deposit of £250 to the Pavilion for our Soiree for our anniversary celebrations. He confirmed that the charge for the room including table cloths and a music technician is £500. Corkage will be £5 per bottle and the bar will be open during the event. The menu is a 2 course fixed meal with coffee. Children’s meals will be available as well as a vegetarian option. Bucks Fizz can be served for a corkage charge. ( Can be bought cheaply from a well known discount supermarket!)

-          MW discussed entertainment for the event. She will contact a lady who plays several instruments as background music. Hiring a harpist was also mentioned. RL to contact the Ukulele band for post dinner dancing.

-           Hosting: A list has been received from Valerie Piron. 34 people are definitely coming over with a further 9 possibles. This includes 3 families with young children. AL to email members straight away to ask for hosts. Transport discussed It was agreed that we may hire a coach/minibus to assist with this.

-           Invitations: AL to make and send invitations to Mayors, Past Mayors, Councillors and SSSL past President, Valerie.

-           ME-L read out a provisional itinerary which she had drawn up. This was discussed and it was agreed it was a good start. She will email copies to all the Committee. Any ideas welcome for further discussion.

10: AOB: Next meeting will be Monday 11th February @6.30 @ West Drive. The meeting will be informal and primarily to discuss the itinerary and events.




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