Present: ME-L, BL, MW, AL, RL, RR, DB.

French visit July 2019:

Soiree July 2019:  RL reported that he had received possible menus from The Pavilion and handed these out. It was unanimously agreed to book the Pavilion for the Monday night 21st July.

It was also agreed to book the reception @ The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club for Friday evening 19th July between 6.00 and 8.00pm.

It was agreed to hire a float for the Carnival Saturday 20th July.

Suzy Davies AM has offered to give us a tour of The Senedd with our French guests in July. A French speaking guide would be available. It was agreed to pursue this. ME-L to contact Suzy.

MW suggested that we contact The Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay to try and arrange a lunch there the same day of Welsh cawl. MW to investigate.

ME-L has given £100 deposit to book the Boules match @ Landaff Rowing Club.

Xmas party 12th December 2018:

MW reported that the High Tide has been booked for a 2-course meal. We will provide entertainment and a small Xmas gift for £20.00. MW has booked the Bell ringers at a cost of £40.00 which they donate to charity. They will be provided with refreshments by The High Tide. MW to arrange.

Craft Fair:

MW confirmed that we now have 13 stalls with a possibility of 15. Reminder to be sent by AL about Tombola prizes and raffle. MW has put an advert in The Gem, Seaside news and on Facebook. ME-L has invited the Mayor to open the event. Committee to arrive 12.30am.


MW has prepared quiz for schools. Only WP Primary responded so far. All 5 local primaries have been invited to participate.

MW has received an email from Football club in France who are interested in coming over March/ April. No response yet from Porthcawl FC.

Glyn Hardwick is looking for an exchange for a 14 year old girl. RR may know of someone. AL to contact Malcom Hanbury as he has a granddaughter of that age.

Bridgend TT thanked PTT members for attending their recent social event.

Next meeting Thursday January 17th @ Flatholme Way @6.30pm.