Minutes 20th June 2018

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee Meeting held @28, West Drive on 20th June 2018.


  1. Apologies: Norah Clark.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: matters arising. DB stated that he thought the Association agreed that we would subsidise the flights of persons under 18 by £50 not £100 as stated in the minutes. Point 9. There are no Pencoed members participating in the trip.
  3. Correspondence: AL reported various emails to and from France re visit.

4.Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £3850 in total in bank accounts at present.

5. Membership Report: Subs are due 1st July. AL to send a reminder. DB reported that we have 84 memberships at present. We have 2 new memberships, Robin and Frances Ralph, Anne and Lindsey Soley and 1 Corporate member Bridget Hall who has started a B and B from her home in Nottage. BL suggested we divide up those members who don’t pay on time and we can each chase up our allocation.

6.  Social Secretary’s Report: MW reported that IW, AW and RR attended the reception in Cowbridge when they welcomed their French visitors from Clisson. Several of our members also attended the Pencoed TT social event last Friday. AL to send an email to all members to give correct start time of Bastille celebrations from 8.00pm to 7.00pm on 7th July. An afternoon tea is to be organised at The Newton Institute possibly on 18th August. Possibility of a languages cafe to take place on Saturday pm end of September for European Languages Day. MW to look into dates for the Xmas Craft Fair and also contact Kerry Marlow about having a TT table at the Carnival on 21st July.

7. TT Liaison: Events have been attended at Cowbridge and Pencoed TTs as mentioned in point 6.

Schools: No officer has come forward as yet to take on the role .DB reported that our venture into West Park Primary School last year was very successful and it would be good to repeat this. There was a general discussion about organising such events in all schools but it was stressed that we need someone to co-ordinate this.

8.  Trip to SSSL August: BL has organised a minibus to Bristol airport and there are just 2 seats spare.  ME-L stated that we need to ask for a programme of events in English. MW to translate the speech for Norah Clark, the Mayor. AL said that there are currently 32 people on the list to go to France plus 6 badminton players.

9. Badminton/Golf update: DB reported that there were now 6 badminton players flying from Bristol who would require seats on the minibus. DB has visited the Grove golf club twice to date. As nothing definite has been heard from them, Valerie Piron has decided to postpone any exchange until the next visit as time is running out.

10: Newsletter and Publicity: IW said that he would be happy to prepare the next newsletter but he needs to have details of the content. It was agreed that we would need 70 copies to be distributed by volunteering members. Our new press officer, Paul Winstanley, was welcomed by ME-L who stated that she would like a monthly write up for the Gem as well as other reports.

AOB:  GDPR policy has been prepared by RL and is available on the website.

ME-L asked if RL would be able to prepare a brochure and also name badges for the Committee for when we go to SSSL in August. ME-L also suggested a musical event for the return visit. The date of this was also discussed and it was generally agreed that the end of August would be a good time for the French to visit us rather than April. She felt that we should let Valerie know in advance to give them time to discuss this before we go over.

Co-Opted members are Richard Rowe and Liz Dewhurst.

Date of next meeting: Monday 16th July @2, Flatholm Way.


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