Minutes 12th March 2018

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee meeting held on 12th March 2018 @ Lougher Gardens.


  1. Apologies: KM.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: Not available.
  3. Correspondence:  Email from Ken and Sandy Miller re deaths of members’ relatives in SSSL. All members notified. Email from Erica Bynon re Royal Wedding Coffee morning .Details on our website. Email from Sarah Burnell School of Dancing asking if we would like to advertise in their brochure. It was decided not to participate but instead to offer a free advert on our website. Email from Valerie Piron. See item 8 August visit to France.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported no changes apart from the £64 made at the recent Silent Auction.
  5. Membership Report: DB reported that he has reluctantly deleted the members who have still not paid their subs. He has received communication from SSSL re possible badminton tournament.
  6. Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that there were 30 members who attended the Fish and Chip supper @Beale’s. However only 11 members attended the Auction Supper at The Newton Institute. IW suggested that we could engage a brass band, recommended by Caroline David. They would offer their services for free and would just require refreshments. MW said that Liz Dewhurst suggested a musical evening with members participating.
  7. TT Liaison: Pencoed Social Event which has already been advertised. Schools: MW has contacted Gaelle, Porthcawl Comp, re pupils participating in the trip. It was agreed that the Association will subsidise any costs over £100 for the flight for persons under 18.
  8. August 2018 visit to France:  AL read out Valerie’s email. She is requesting numbers and details, including photos, of participating members.  ME-L read out details from the list she has compiled. There are 19 participants so far with several members yet to decide.  Jean Hughes has suggested a trip for our French guests to the Richard Burton Museum and pub and also to Margam Park.
  9. AL to invite Pencoed TT members to join us on the trip to SSSL.


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