Minutes 10th January 2018

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee meeting held at West Drive on 10th January @ 5.00pm.




ME-L to take the Chair.

  1. Apologies:  KM, IW.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: Accepted as a true record. Matters arising: RL thanked MW  and IW for their efforts in the Primary Schools.
  3. Correspondence: RL has received a renewal notification for the Website domain name.  Unanimously agreed to continue. ME-L received an email from DB for her efforts regarding our Xmas party.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £4064 currently in our bank accounts. This excludes £115 recently paid in and o/s cheques of £508. Approximately £250 was made at the Xmas craft fair. DB queried imminent closure of Nat West Bank. BL to make enquiries.
  5. Membership Report: DB reported 11 members have still not paid their subs. He wishes to step down at the AGM in May but will assist whoever takes over.
  6. Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that 34 members attended the Xmas party and she has received positive feedback. She thanked MW, IW and Samuel for their entertainment. The fish and chip supper and Business meeting is organised for the 24th January. AL to send a reminder. It was agreed that we do a table quiz. KM to prepare a picture pop quiz and RR to prepare a French quiz.  A silent auction is planned for 24th August. A film night, curry night and Sunday lunch are also possible future events. It was agreed that the AGM would take place at The Grove on 16th May.
  7. Town Twinning Liaison and Schools: MW reported that apart from Pencoed’s late Xmas dinner, there are no other events planned at present. MW prepared an Xmas quiz  for Primary schools which was circulated by IW. Only one school participated but this was successful and winners received French mini dictionaries which were presented in assembly by MW, IW. AW took photos which were published along with IW’s report in the Gem and The Glamorgan Gazette. West Park would like our help with a future project on France.
  8. Visit to SSSL in August: Mode of transport discussed. BL to find out coach and flight costs. RL to contact Ukulele band to see if they would be interested. DB has been asked by France if we could take some badminton players over for a tournament. He will see if there is any interest. MW to contact Gaelle at Porthcawl Comp.
  9. AOB: RR reported that his host, Gilles Duret, is very ill. AL to send a card from the Association. KM will have published a picture book of Porthcawl by August and we would be able to purchase one as a gift. He also plans to make a book on SSSL. We need to take pictures with interesting backgrounds in August. Pre meeting at 6.00pm for the Committee before the Business meeting in Beales.


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