Minutes 4th July 2017

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held at 14, Nicholls Avenue 4th July 2017 @ 2.30pm.


Present: Ivor Williams, Melanie Weaver, Bobby Lewis, Dave Bush, Ann Lee, Keith Morgan, Robert Lee.


1.  Apologies: ME-L, LD-W.

2.  Minutes of the last meeting:  Matters arising-Point 6. KM stated that he offered to produce the photos for our French guests, whereas the minutes stated that ME-L proposed that he produced them. Also it was suggested that a report was done for the newsletter/ website covering the French visit.  AL to prepare a summary and forward to IW to include in the next newsletter.

3.  Correspondence: None.

4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that currently we have £ 828.00 in our deposit account and £ 1768.35 (plus £25.000) in our current account.

  1. Membership Report: DB reported that we now have 93 memberships of which only 2 remain unpaid. He also suggested that we forget the outstanding subs from last year and just try and get this year’s subs. We have another new member, Leri Davies, from Nottage Primary Summer Fete. Apparently 3 more people have expressed an interest. Anne Rees has kindly sent us £10.00 donation along with her membership fees.

6.  Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L’s report was read out which gave information about the forthcoming Bastille Night celebration. This will take place at Newton Institute on 15th July @ 7.30pm. MW and ME-L will get together to prepare a programme. The cost will be £3.00. AL to contact all members.

7. Schools: IW wrote to all local primary schools to ask whether or not we could have a stall at their summer fairs. As there were no responses MW contacted Nottage Primary via their PTA and it was agreed that we could attend. IW chased up Newton Primary School and they agreed that we could attend this Friday weather permitting. MW reported that Nottage Fete was last Saturday and was very successful. She will prepare a paragraph for the next newsletter. She also thanked those members who supported the event.

8.  Town Twinning Liaison: MW reported that there would be a Joint committee meeting with other Town Twinning Associations. This would take place at Newton Institute on the 8th July @ 7.00pm and would be informal in nature. MW asked KM if he could provide the CD with pictures of the French visit.

9. AOB:  IW proposed to co-opt RR to the Committee again as this was omitted at the AGM which was unanimously agreed.