Minutes 29th March 2017

PSSTTA Committee Meeting @ Nicholls Avenue 29th March 2017.


Apologies:  KM, DB, RR.


  1. Minutes of last meeting approved.
  2. Correspondence:  Get Well card sent to Margaret Bush and reply and thank you from Dave.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Approx £3866 in bank accounts at present.
  4. Membership Report: No changes.
  5. Social Secretary’s Report: French visit. Finalisation and changes to itinerary to take account of later arrival date. BL to contact Prince of Wales and Newton Institute. AL to contact Cwmderi. MW to book Jump Jam. Concert and Soiree to remain the same.  See revised itinerary. ME-L  proposed that KM produce a framed photo of Porthcawl waves for every couple and single person at his own expense. All agreed that this would be a good idea. BL has organised the coasters for our guests.
  6. Invite from Pencoed TT.
  7. Hosting: 2 members unable to host. Phone calls received today. The Bunkers are unable to take Madeleine due to a health problem and John Berry is unable to take the bus driver. ME-L phoned Moira and Majid, former members, who agreed to host Madeleine and Suzanne Jeffries will be asked to see if she can take the bus driver as a paying guest.
  8. AOB: AL to write a letter to the Council thanking them for their financial support. Next meeting will be a Hosts’ meeting on Friday 31st March @The High Tide.


Minibuses and Taxis is a family run business based in Porthcawl. We have available 16 & 8 seater minibuses and also regular taxis.Call us on: 01656 788887
8 Dock Steet, Porthcawl. CF36 3BL