Minutes 1st February 2017

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee meeting held @ West Drive on Wednesday 1st February 2017 @ 6.30pm.


Present: ME-L, BL, DB, RR, RL MW, AL,



1.  Apologies: KM, IW.

2.  Minutes of last meeting. No matters arising.

3.   Correspondence: Email received from Valerie along with minutes of joint committee meeting held @SSSL in August 2016. Translated and read out by AL. AL to reply to Valerie with updated hosting list.

4.  Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have approximately £3,600 in our bank accounts.

5.  Membership Report: DB reported that we have another new member, Lin Williams, whom we met at the craft fair. MW to verify her correct email address and ask if she is willing to host as she is a friend of MW’s. There are still 3 corporate members outstanding.

6.  Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L Reported that RL had prepared a poster for the auction night which was now on the website. The charge for the evening will be £5.00 to include a glass of wine and nibbles. No response from members so far so we need to push the event. Posters to be spread around to advertise. BL to organise the wine. ME-L to bring bread sticks, AL to bring sausage rolls. MW to bring sausages and perhaps saucissons. ME-L asked MW if her mum could possibly bring some vol au vents. DB to bring the wine glasses. AL to email all members to remind them. We will have access to the hall in the afternoon so ME-L suggested that we set up between 3 and 5 pm.

7.   Schools and town twinning Liaison: Sandra Townsend does not want to join the committee due to other commitments but has offered to help out with the schools programme. MW has contacted Gaelle re an exchange between the schools. DB suggested that sixth formers could come over in April as part of the exchange. He also suggested that non committee members could get together and arrange something in schools.

8.   Visit: MW to contact Nottage Primary re reception. Wine and welsh cakes will be served. Welsh gifts were discussed. No decision was made about Friday’s trip as we decided to wait and see what the age group of our guests was going to be. The music concert at the Masonic home will be £7.00 to include wine and snacks. It will commence @ 6.30 and 80-85 people will be able to attend. Sunday we will have a BBQ @Mary and Bobby’s @ 4.30pm. Monday will be a free day with our Soiree at The High Tide in the evening. The meal will be £11.00 and will be braised steak and chips. Entertainment was discussed including the Porthcawl Ukulele band and the Pen y fai dancers. RL to investigate.  As the Council chamber will no longer exist when the French guests arrive, BL will enquire about using the upstairs room in the Prince of Wales Inn for our joint committee meeting. Refreshments will be organised.

9.  AOB: MW wishes to step down from her role as School’s Coordinator as it is difficult to carry out effectively due to work commitments. DB suggested that we invite some of our new members to take on this role.

The date of the next meeting to be arranged when we hear from SSSL.