AGM 18 May 2016

Minutes of the PSSTTA AGM held at All Saints Church hall on 18th May 2016 @ 6.30pm.


Rob Chick, Ann Lee,Cllr Rob Lee, Mary Emment-Lewis, Bobby Lewis, Dave and Margaret Bush, Melanie Weaver, Samuel Weaver, Ivor Williams, Richard Rowe, Jean Hughs, Barry Stephens, Ann and Tony Williams, Malcolm and Janet Hanbury,  Cllr Les Tallon-Morris, Cllr John and Janice Bunker, Megan Taylor, Maureen Howells, Maureen’s son, Iris Earland ,Maria Earland, Caroline David, Cllr Mike and Cllr Nora Clark,

1.  Chairman’s Introduction:  RC welcomed all members.

2.  Apologies: John Berry, Sheila Thomas, Ken and Sandy Miller, Janet and David Anderson, Susanne Jeffries, Sandra Townsend, Keith Morgan, Angela Williams, David and Jenny Worthington.

3.  Minutes from the AGM 2015: These were proposed by JB and seconded by IW.

4.  Matters arising: None.

5.  Chairman’s Report: This was read out by RC and is available on the website for viewing or on request.

6.  Treasurer’s Report: The accounts were presented by BL  and copies handed out to members along with a copy of Andrew Singer’s report having examined the accounts. No matters were arising. The balance sheet shows a loss of £1358.98 for the year end March 2015. BL reported that we hold approximately £2000 in reserve.

7.   Membership Report: This was presented by DB who stated that we now have a record 89 memberships including 6 schools, 32 families, 33 individuals and also18 corporate members. However the number of actual members would be a lot higher. He thanked RL for his effort in recruiting most of the Corporate members who make a large contribution to our funds. DB felt that there was no need to increase our subs. Our new members this year are The Brentwood Hotel, The Glamorgan Holiday Home, Porthcawl Piggie Hotel, The RAFA Club, St Clare’s School as Corporate members , and George Jabbour, Gaelle Morgan and Jenny and David Worthington as individual/family members. DB stressed the need to recruit more families.

8.   Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that we have had several social functions this year including the Bastille and European Languages Evening at All Saints Church, a Xmas dinner at the RAFA Club, a Silent Auction at The Brentwood Hotel. ME-L stressed that it seems to always be the same members who attend and bring raffle prizes and hopes that more members will participate in future.

9.   Schools and Town Twinning Liaison: MW reported that she attended a Pencoed TT social event with RC and that Bridgend TT would like to have a joint meeting with us in the future. With regard to schools, MW said that unfortunately there were no visits last year but she hopes to arrange something soon. Although some school pupils were interested in joining us on the trip, the logistics were difficult to arrange this year. However, she hopes that they can be involved in the return visit.

  1. Election of Officers:

Chair: Rob Chick agreed to continue. DB thanked RC for all his efforts. Proposed ME-L and seconded DB.

Secretary: Ann Lee. Proposed BL and seconded JB.

Treasurer: Bobby Lewis. Proposed ME-L and seconded JB.

Membership Secretary: Dave Bush. Proposed RC and seconded JB.

Social Secretary: Mary Emment-Lewis. Proposed AL and seconded MW.

Town twinning and schools: Melanie Weaver. Proposed DB and seconded RC.

Events and Publicity including the Newsletter: Ivor Williams. Proposed AL and seconded RL.

Appointment of Auditor 2016/2017 (Examiner) Andrew Singer has again kindly agreed to take on this role.

Confirmation of new Mayor as President. Cllr Rob Lee stated that he was very happy to take on this role and to also continue to be our Webmaster.

Town Council’s nomination for Representative. This will be Cllr Les Tallon–Morris who was welcomed to the Association.

AOB: RC gave a brief update on the forthcoming trip to SSSL. Members can still join the trip but need to decide within the next month.

Maureen Howells wanted us to say a thank you to her son for providing 2 caravans as accommodation for guests last April. She also wanted to know why she wasn’t informed about the Xmas party. RC said that we didn’t have one.

Complimentary wine and cheese was served during the evening and  members took part in a wine quiz provided by RC.


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