Minutes 16 January 2017

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at West Drive on 16th January This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Present: Rob Chick, Rob Lee, Ann Lee, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Bobby Lewis, Mary Emment-Lewis, Keith Morgan, Ivor Williams, Melanie Weaver.

1.  Apologies: None.

2.  Minutes of the last meeting held on 22 November 2016 @ West Drive. Matters arising- MW queried public liability insurance. RC stressed that during the Xmas fair, Trinity Church didn’t actually cover us and advised that we need to get a basic cover. BL to get quotes for an annual policy. KM proposed that we take out cover straight away. Seconded by DB.

3.  Correspondence: RC reported several communications to and from France re the recent work experience. Feedback had generally been positive. AL reported that a letter had been sent to the Council requesting a grant towards the cost of entertaining our French guests in April.

4.   Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £3135 in the C/A. £828 in the D/A with outstanding cheques amounting to £205 less £185 just paid out.

5.   Membership: DB reported that we have 91 memberships at present. There are only 4 subs outstanding including, Ace Taxis, Brodawel Campsite, Beales and Driven taxis.

6.  Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that we made £24 on the Raffle at our Xmas party. It was agreed that the evening at Isabella’s and then at Mary and Bobby’s house had been very successful. BL reported that we also made a small amount from the meal but wasn’t sure how! ME-L thanked RC for bringing the crackers. She is also trying to contact the rugby club to hold our Silent Auction on 24th February. The Business meeting on 20th January will take place at The High Tide Inn @ 7.00pm in the upstairs room. Food will be available at the bar. AL to remind all members asap. The AGM will be held at the Grove on Thursday 18th May. ME-L to confirm.

7.   Schools: MW to contact Gaelle, from the Comp about a possible exchange. DB enquired whether or not any A Level French students in the sixth form would be interested in a subsidised trip to France. He wanted it to be noted that he was still disappointed that no action had been taken in respect of school visits. Possible action discussed.

8.   Visit from SSSL: 13-18 April 2017. Nothing further heard from Valerie. However they are holding their AGM at the end of January and should be able to send us a list of participants shortly after. Various activities were discussed including; attending a Col Canto concert, visiting Cwm Deri, a Welsh vineyard or Aberglasney gardens. A barbeque at Mary and Bobby’s house and the soiree in The High Tide.  Hosting was discussed and new hosts for 3 people have come forward.

9.  AOB:  Iris’s granddaughter has now has her operation. AL to send a card with our best wishes. KM thanked BL and ME-L for hosting the meeting once again. The meeting ended @ 8.00pm. [IW and MW had to leave @7.30pm.]


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