Minutes 22nd November 2016

Minutes of PSSTTA meeting held on 22 November @ West Drive.

Present: RC, DB, MW, MEL, BL, and RR.

Apologies: Cllr. Rob Lee and Ann Lee, Ivor Williams.

Minutes of meeting 2 November. The minutes were unanimously approved with one amendment: item 7, MW requested it be included that discussions with Pencoed TTA covered more general matters as well as the proposal for a joint craft fair.

Membership. DB reported we now had 92 memberships although there were still some outstanding subs. However, we could soon possibly achieve the Chair’s long-term target of 100. DB asked if RC could update spreadsheet and reissue.

Treasurers Report. BL reported Current balance as £2931, Reserve £828 with a current liability of £30 for hire of All Saints Hall.

The craft fair on 12 November at Trinity Church raised £389 net.

The T’Winners draw had not been well supported this year and BL requested that members be encouraged to participate. Current numbers could mean the annual prize values being reduced.

Social Secretary’s report: MEL agreed to MW being given the opportunity to report on the craft fair.

There were 12 stalls and a significant contribution from Aldi including Team GB merchandise, Porthcawl CO-OP tea, coffee, sugar and milk, with other items from Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, and Bargain Booze. IW has thanked all businesses on our behalf for their generous support. RC had already thanked Ivor, Angela and Melanie for the hard work put into the organisation of the event and the brilliant contribution this had made to funds.

MW left meeting 7PM.

MEL continued with her report on the proposed dinner at Isabella’s on 21 December. Currently 28 booked, we have provisionally 30 places. Following some further discussion it was agreed that after the meal Bobby and Mary would host a soirée at their house. It was hoped Ivor could help entertain with some carols and Christmas music.

Email invitation to be sent to all members. The evening to include a free glass of wine, raffle, mince pies and singsong. There would be no charge.

It was agreed treasurer could purchase 15 bottles of wine from funds.

Business Meeting planned for Hi tide on 20 January 2017- subject to confirmation.

Silent Auction to be organised for Rugby Club in February, Date TBA.

AGM – May after election of new Town Mayor.

Visit 13 to 18 April 2017.

The list of hosts drawn up by Ann Lee and amended during the evening indicated there were 45 places available for visitors. A number of visitors had already committed to their hosts. RC to inform France and produce list of available hosts.

It was proposed that a letter be sent to the Town Council requesting financial support for the visitors and dignitaries  for the event on Easter Monday at he Hi tide.

Discussion took place regarding the itinerary with visit and dinner at Aberglasney being proposed

A provisional booking of the Hi tide for the main Soirée on Easter Monday had already been made.


RR reported on attending the Remembrance Day service at ALL Saints Church.

BL advised we would now be sending cheque for £25 to St Clare’s School to reimburse the prize giving money already paid by the school.

RC reported student hosting for La Joliverie School had been finalised but it was extremely disappointing that after all the difficulties with such a small party only himself and Barrie Stephens were involved.

RC raised concerns over the fact that members were making direct arrangements to host, which could lead to difficulties in matching families when the visit took place.

RC advised that although the craft fair was a great success the matter of Public Liability Insurance had not been properly addressed. Once we enter the realms of dealing with the public and deriving income form such events we need to ensure we limit our liabilities and eliminate risks so far as possible. It is highly unlikely that the church would cover the third party liabilities of any organisation using the premises or those individual businesses involved in the event. Tentative enquiries also indicate that we should at least carry out some form of risk assessment prior to such events. However we did have people with the requisite food hygiene certificates. MEL advised that suc insurance was required by inner wheel and similar organisations e.g. Rotary.

RC reported concerns over the contraction of our programme in recent times and although social events were necessary to consolidate membership, events promoting our links with France and Europe in general were important. The primary School events, Bastille Day, European Languages Day and Beaujolais Day were quoted as being cancelled or deferred during the last year.

RC made reference to his previous years Chairman’s reports and the need to refresh and develop some form of new agenda. It was also important members made some contribution to the work of the association. He advised that he would stand down in the New Year before the AGM.

RL and MEL were thanked for once again kindly hosting the meeting.

Meeting closed at 8:30PM.


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