Minutes 2nd November 2016

Minutes of the PSSTTA Committee meeting held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 @ West Drive.

Present: RC, DB, RL, AL, BL, ME-L, MW, IL, RR.

1.  Apologies: KM.

2.  Minutes of the last meeting: Proposed RC. Seconded ME-L. However BL pointed out that we hadn’t received a bill from the British Legion for the wreath as reported in the minutes. RC confirmed that it was an invite to the ceremony not in fact a bill.

3.   Correspondence: RC reported that we have received an invite to the European football tournament and he is trying to get a list together of local teams. RC has received an email from Agnes saying that Valerie is prepared to limit the number of visitors in April to make things easier in terms of hosting. DB reported that he has heard from Gaelle and Anne Reece who are both unable to attend the craft fair but will donate a raffle prize. Lorrie Desmond- Williams has paid her membership and confirmed her new address.

4.   Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that there was no change from the last meeting except that £40.00 has been paid to Trinity Church for the craft fair.

5.   Membership Report: DB reported that OS subs are now coming in. DB and RC have updated the membership list. We now have 3 new members. (Mary Gough, Catherine and John Hodges.)

6.  Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that she has 20 names for the Xmas meal @ Isabella’s. AL to send an email to all members asking for deposits by 29th November. Maximum number will be 30 as the restaurant has now taken other bookings for the evening.

Craft fair: IW provided a sheet with details of donations for the craft fair. Aldi have donated goods for a hamper and a selection of Team GB goods. The Co-Op has provided tea, coffee, sugar and milk. Tesco has given a £15.00 gift card.    (Full list available from IW or AL.) MW requested more prizes for the tombola and a membership table. She stated that 7 tables had been booked so far. She will send us an email with details of what we will be doing on the day. DB thanked IW, AW and MW for their efforts at the Meet and Greet evening.

7.  Schools and TT Liaison: MW reported that she has talked to Mark Steer from Pencoed TT. They suggested organising a joint craft fair where they could split the proceeds.

8.  Visit from SSSL: RR said he would hopefully be able to host his usual three French guests. 34 people can be hosted so far. RC to contact Valerie to keep her informed.

9.   AOB: RC reported that hosts had been organised for all the French students which has required a lot of correspondence on his part. DB asked about offering a small bursary to students from Porthcawl Comp who wished to go to France. Next meeting to be advised. AL said that she and RL would prefer it if we could wait until January due to Mayoral commitments.