Minutes 25th June 2016

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at Flatholme Way on Saturday 25th June 2016 @ 11.00am.

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Mary Emment-Lewis, Bobby Lewis, Rob Lee, Ann Lee, Melanie Weaver.

  1. Apologies: IW, RR, KM.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: Proposed RC Seconded ME-L. No matters arising.
  3. Correspondence: An email was received from Neil Sumner telling us the sad news about Liz’s health and asking us to support her in her recent charity run. It was agreed that AL should send a card to say that we were thinking about them both.  DB reported that Anne Rees apologised for not joining us at recent events whilst paying her subs.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported hat we hold £1679 in the CA and £829 in the DA. OS cheques £81.
  5. Membership Report: DB stated that the subs are due on the 1st July. We have a new corporate member, Cefn Cribwr Garage. Molly Powles has resigned.
  6. Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L stated that she has several ideas for the coming year and that she would like to invite The Rotary Club and Inner Wheel. She stressed that we need to look at liability insurance in respect of social events. BL to talk to his insurance broker. The Bush BBQ is to be held on 31 July @3.00pm. In case of bad weather it will be moved to Bobby and Mary’s house. It will be the usual format with members bringing their own food. DB requested that members bring a portable BBQ if possible. There will also be a Pimms and Strawberry Tea @ Mary and Bobby’s on 14th August @3.00pm.
  7. Schools Report: MW reported that she has nothing arranged for this term as she is working full time but perhaps something could be done in September. DB was unhappy that nothing had been arranged. RC stated that we need to discuss exactly what we intend to do in schools.  MW suggested that we could organise an events for primary schools (e.g. a boules competition) outside of the schools. RC stressed that this would need to be organised properly. ME-L suggested that we have a separate meeting to discuss schools.
  8. Visit to SSSL: RC reported that there will be 18 members travelling to SSSL who will be joined also by Malcolm and Janet Hanbury in France.  RC read the list of hosts. The question of having a Vice Chairman was raised. RC stated that a VC has to be appointed by members. DB proposed that ME-L be elected and this was seconded by MW.

AOB: It was decided to prepare a news bulletin. In response to comments over the speed of issuing newsletter and process, RC wanted to clarify that he writes most of the news items and Ivor publishes whilst adding articles and artwork etc. For speed RC will on this occasion produce another of his News Bulletins.

RL queried whether or not we are taking a present over to France. RC stated that as it wasn’t a special year, it wouldn’t be necessary.

DB asked if he and RC could get together ASAP to update the membership list.


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