Minutes 6th January 2016

Minutes of the meeting held at Lougher Gardens on 6th January 2016.

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Mary Emment-Lewis, Bobby Lewis, Keith Morgan, Ann Lee.


  1. Apologies: RL, MW, IW, RR.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: No matters arising.
  3. Correspondence: Resignation has been received from Lorrie Desmond- Williams who has resigned both as the Council Representative and a member of the Association. Pencoed Town Twinning have invited us to various forthcoming events including a meal with musical entertainment at the Cwtch on January 29th, a silent auction on 5th February and an Easter Fayre on March 19th. Email from Alison, the Town Clerk requesting that we confirm information to be included in the forthcoming town guide. AL has replied.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £828 in the deposit account and £1314 in the current account. We made £56 on the raffle at the RAFA club Xmas party and £11 on the function itself. However we owe PAODs £30.00 for advertising but have not paid yet because we are awaiting a bill.  He has also received £110  for membership fees including £75 from Corporate members.
  5. Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L reported that the Xmas party at the RAFA club had gone very well. In fact 2 new members joined that night. Sarah from the RAFA, as a corporate member, and George Jabbour. The T’Winners’ draw will take place at the next social event. There are no events planned at present.
  6. Membership Report: DB stated that there were only two outstanding subs at present. There had been 1 resignation and 2 new members as reported earlier. RL to advertise the RAFA on the website.
  7. Organisation of the trip to SSSL in August: The provisional dates will be 23rd August to 28th August 2016. BL to look into travel costs for coach/ferry and flights.  It was agreed that children and students would receive a reduction. KM offered to present a photo book to present to the French. He would like members to email suitable photos for inclusion, as an attachment.
  8. AOB:  DB suggested we have a meeting for all members particularly those interested in going on the trip. The T’Winners’ draw could also take place then. KM offered to do a slide show and talk on SSSL. It was agreed that we should encourage pupils from the Comp to attend.  A provisional date of Tuesday 16th February was decided upon. ME-L to check availability and confirm.  DB stressed that it would need to be well publicised with a flier or newsletter. Ivor to be informed.

AGM- a provisional date was decided as Tuesday 17th May in All Saints church hall. Cheese and wine will be provided free of charge to encourage members and non members to attend.