Minutes 2nd December 2015

Minutes of the PSSTTA meeting held at Lougher Gardens on 2nd December 2015.


Present: Rob Chick, Ann Lee, Bobby Lewis, Mary Emment- Lewis.

  1. Apologies: RR, DB, MW, RL, LDW, KM.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: No matters arising.
  3. Correspondence: None.
  4. Treasurer’s report: BL reported that we made approximately £130 from the Beaujolais evening, including £54 from the raffle.
  5. Social Secretary’s report: The forthcoming Xmas party was discussed in detail and arrangements were made for each of us to contact members who usually attend events to try to boost numbers. ME-L to check on menu choices. Raffle prizes needed. RC to bring music and ME-L to bring CDs. Ivor has agreed to entertain us and there may also be a quiz.
  6. Membership Report: DB not present.
  7. Organisation of next year’s trip to SSSL. RC reported that there had been no volunteers so far.   ME-L said that there was a possibility that she would take on the role assisted by some committee members.
  8. AOB: none.


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