Minutes 13th Oct 15


Minutes of meeting held at 28 West Drive Porthcawl  on 13 October 2015.

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Mary Emment-Lewis, Bobby Lewis, Melanie Weaver, Lorrie Desmond- Williams.


Apologies: Ann Lee, Rob Lee, and Keith Morgan.

Minutes of Meeting 28 September 2015 were read out and approved.

Matters arising:    Dave B. advised that previous comments about people not joining had been misinterpreted – to clarify -all members experiencing the trip to France had joined the association but not all those attending functions had. It was agreed that non -members could join a trip if spaces were available.

Correspondence:   Rotary Christmas Tree Festival 1st to 6th December.

Tree to be provided by Rob. Volunteers to decorate. Fresh look recommended – no reindeer this year.

Eurofoot – Vertou June 2016. Rob will deal with this. There have never been responses from local teams but there may be interest in Cardiff..

Enquiry from Gaelle at Porthcawl Comprehensive School. She will promote Beaujolais /Euro languages night to students.

Treasurers Report:  Figures were virtually the same as last reported with some

minor income and a cost of £30 for the POADS advert.

Social Secretaries Report:

ME-L proposed we hold a Beaujolais/European Languages Night at All Saints Church Hall on 18 November. This would start at 7pm and the ticket price of £7 would include a glass of wine and buffet. RC would organise food. BL still had a stock of wine and people could also bring their own. Hall hire is £12 per hour.

It was agreed to proceed.

Proposals were made in respect of a Christmas Party with the RAFA club being favoured as a new venue. M-EL to investigate further and provided details of menu/prices etc. entertainment would also be included. Details to be published in Newsletter.

Membership Report:    Currently  there are 85 memberships which translates to many more members as many of these are families or couples. Total income from Subs including corporates is now £860.

Schools:   Several members expressed disappointment that this years proposals had not been achievable. Further consideration would be given to how we involve the primary schools. Unfortunately the planned activities for this year had not materialised for number of reasons. MW reviewing.


Christmas Competition:

As the council are already proposing a competition it was decided that we did not have the time or resource to produce even a simplified version of last years competition and recommended that we develop something for the Easter period based on language possibly in association with some of the shops.

Newsletter:    Items to be sent Ivor by next week to advertise next two events.

Visit 2016:      The meeting was alerted to the need to appoint someone to deal the organisation of the visit. To include confirmation of dates, list of travellers, liaise with French committee over hosting. Coach travel/ departure points, flights or/and ferry bookings. Collection and payment of deposits and final payments. Reminder on travel insurance. Producing and Sending itineraries and other information to those involved.

Date of next meeting : 30 November 7pm. Venue TBA.

Meeting closed at 8:20pm


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