Minutes 28th Sept 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at Flatholm Way on 28/9/2015

Present: Bobby Lewis, Mary Emment-Lewis, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Ann Lee, Robert Lee.  Mary elected to take Chair.

  1. Apologies: MW, KM, LD-W.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting of 8th June 2015. Proposed by RL and seconded by BL.
  3. Correspondence:  None.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we have £828 in the deposit account and £1052 in the current account less an outstanding cheque for PAODS for £30.00. AL to send to Ceri Miller.
  5. Social Secretary’s Report: Various venues discussed for future social events including the RAFA Club and the Masonic Home. It was decided to try and book All Saints Church Hall for the Beaujolais /European Evening. Buffet meal of wine and cheese etc with a free glass of wine for £7.00. ME-L to let us know when booking confirmed. AL to contact all members with the date and also to request articles for the forthcoming newsletter. The Xmas lunch was also discussed. ME-L reported that the RAFA club could be a possibility and there may be free entertainment. ME-L to look into this further.
  6. Membership Report: DB reported that the current membership remains around 85. He noted his disappointment that non members who went on the last trip to SSSL have not since joined the Association with one exception. It was discussed whether or not we should take non members with us again.
  7. Discussion of continuing support for PAODS: MW had phoned before the meeting to give us more details about the next production, including costs etc. After some discussion it was decided to pay £30.00 for an advert in the programme for the latest production.
  8. Schools: No information. DB wondered whether or not we could prepare a quiz for the schools pre Christmas. Apparently the Council are already planning something similar at Christmas so it was agreed that we postpone this until afterwards.
  9. AOB : It was agreed that the next meeting would be held @Mary and Bobby’s on 13th October @ 7.00pm.


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