AGM May 2015 - Proposals

Proposals for 2015 – 16.

1. Subscriptions:

  • Membership fees will remain at current low level.
  • Members will be encouraged to subscribe to the T’Winners club. We shall review % returned as prizes.
  • Corporate rates shall remain at £25.
  • We shall investigate grant funding through EU.

2. Events - 3 events will have business meeting element.

  • Fundraiser – e.g. Silent Auction / Games night / Horse racing.
  • Combined event Barbecue and Bastille Day.
  • Combined event European Languages and Beaujolais Day.
  • Christmas Event and Competition.

3. Promote/review:

  • Musical, sporting and student exchanges.
  • Prize giving at Senior Schools.
  • Our approach to primary schools.

4. Newsletter will be published:

  • At least 10 days prior to each of four events.

5. Trip 2016:

  • Only fully paid up members may participate.

6. Project.

  • We shall undertake a project to record the history of the Association since its creation in 1999.

Date of AGM – May 2016 after the election of new Mayor.


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