Minutes 6th May 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at 2 Flatholm Way on 6th May 2015.

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Rob Lee, Ann Lee.

  1. Apologies: MW, Mel, BL, KM,
  2. Correspondence: RC has received an email from Claire Dumont from SSSL who is looking for a work placement in Porthcawl this summer in Civil Engineering. RC has passed this on to people who may be able to help.  He has also written a letter of thanks to Nottage Primary School for the use of their hall during the French visit.  He has also written to Valerie in SSSL but has received no reply to date.
  3. Membership: DB read out the membership report which he has prepared to be read out in his absence at the AGM. He stated that if membership fees were raised he would be resigning as Membership Secretary as it was difficult enough collecting all the subs without asking for more money. In view of this it was agreed not to increase subs for the time being. He also stressed the importance of recruiting new members and expressed his disappointment that young members recruited after the last trip to France had not been seen since. He also felt that the way to increase funds would be to encourage more people to join the T’Winners Club.
  4. AGM: After some discussion it was decided that all Committee members present would continue in office should no-one suitable put themselves forward.
  5. Number of meetings: RC proposed that we should limit the numbers of Business and Social meetings to 4 per year. He also suggested that some social events were combined if possible to reduce the number which we try to organise. For example, Bastille Day and a Barbeque, Beaujolais Evening and European Languages Day. We would also have another Fundraising event. He also proposed that we produce 4 Newsletters per year to coincide with the Business and Social evenings.
  6. Consideration of the content of thank-you letter to the Council for the grant received: RC read out the letter he had composed and it was agreed that this was suitable.
  7. Christmas or other competitions: It was agreed that we would not be doing the Reindeer competition again but could possibly find another suitable competition.
  8. Options to service School memberships: This was discussed. RC suggested that an Activity box could be prepared and perhaps delivered to schools before Christmas.
  9. Fundraising: Several ideas were discussed including another silent auction a competition night, horse racing and hedgehog racing.


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