Minutes 24th March 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting of PSSTTA held at the Rugby Club on 24th March 2015 @ 6.30pm.


Present: Rob Chick, Ann Lee, Dave Bush, Melanie Weaver, Bobby Lewis, Mary Emment- Lewis.

School Exchange:  MW reported that the joint evening had been very good. KM took several photos which will be added to MW’s report. Subject to Gaelle checking this, it will hopefully be published in The Gem.  MW pointed out that Gaelle’s report had already been published in The Gem.

Fundraising event:  Saturday’s silent auction and supper should hopefully be going ahead. BL reported that 26 people had already said that they would attend. AL to send a reminder to all members. RC to purchase the cheese and wine. ME-L to get the key for the hall and to bring pens and paper for the auction.  DB to bring the wine glasses. Anne Rees will be unable to attend but has very kindly sent a donation of £30.00. AL to write a thank-you letter. John Bunker has also sent his apologies but has kindly donated £20.00. RC has thanked him. Bryan Saunders has also kindly donated 2 bottles of wine for the event and has also been thanked. The Committee will meet @ 3.00pm to arrange the Church Hall.

Visit:  RC confirmed that we would be leaving the Rugby Club @ 9.15am for the Penderyn trip on the Thursday and we would be having coffee before the tour @ 10.30am. The venue for Thursday evening has still not been finalised. RL to chase up The Seabank Hotel. The children’s’ trip will be on Saturday am but has not yet been finalised. Hosts must bring 1 bottle of wine per person to Saturday’s barbeque. The event will start @ 5.45pm. AL to send a formal invitation to Friday evening to our Mayor.

AOB:  BL has checked with his insurance broker who has confirmed that everyone is covered by their own house insurance in the event of an accident. The Church Hall will have its own insurance.

The meeting was followed by a Hosting Meeting in the same venue.