Minutes 4th March 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on the 4th March 2015 at Nicholls Avenue.


  1. French visit: MW requested that the Committee meeting @ the Council offices on Friday be earlier as her family wish to go out for the day. It was agreed to start the meeting @ 9.15. BL informed us that the menus and price have been confirmed for Friday night @ The High Tide. The wine has also been ordered. AL to purchase the napkins. RC to book accordion players and ME-L to book the disco. BL has received an email from Ty Newydd confirming that he is unable to offer any further discount for the buffet on Thursday.  The price stands at £11.95. The tickets for Penderyn are approx £ 6.50 including 6 free tickets. The tour is booked for 11.00am-1.00pm. MW to check website for a possible French translation as there will not be an interpreter available. Lunch will be served @1.15pm.  Afterwards we will continue to Brecon. RC to check with the Seabank Hotel to see if they have a suitable room available for our musical evening on Thursday. We are not providing food for this event. Guests can have a light tea with their hosts. Ideas and venues were discussed to entertain the children on Saturday. The French band will be playing at The Seabank Hotel @ 3.30 on Saturday afternoon for approx 1 hour. Entry will be free. After the concert we are all invited to Mary and Bobby’s house for a barbeque. Guests must provide food and drink for themselves and their guests. Those wishing to attend the evening concert @The pavilion need to contact RL or John Bunker about tickets to ensure that they get the 20% discount for our French guests.
  2. Newsletter: IW is happy to do this as long as he receives the necessary information.  RC to summarise and send to Ivor.
  3. Student exchange: We don’t need to order our meals for the joint evening in advance. The menu we have been given is the standard bar menu. 2 boys still need to be hosted. MW to contact Gaelle and suggest she contacts St Claires.
  4. AOB: Prize giving: DB has contacted Richard Preece about presenting the annual prizes in the schools. BL issued the cheques. MW has asked Gaelle to write an article about the student exchange for The Gem. RC queried liability should there be an accident. To ask Barrie Stephens for advice. BL to ask his broker how much it would cost. Hosting list- good progress was made. It was decided to hold a meeting for all hosts on Tuesday 24th March @7.30pm @ the Rugby club. RR to confirm availability. AL to email all hosts when RC has finished finalising the list.


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