Minutes 24th February 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting held @West Drive on 24th February 2015.

  1. Apologies: KM.
  2. Correspondence: Various emails received re hosting. All details passed to RC.
  3. School exchange: MW read out menus for joint social evening on 21st March @ The Hi Tide. To email the details to all committee members. Gaelle needs to pre-book numbers asap. MW asked RL if he could provide some sort of slide show for the evening.
  4. Fund raising evening: It was decided to book All Saints Church Hall for the fund raising evening on Saturday 28th March. Approx cost £36.00. RC to buy bread cheese and wine. Tickets to cost £6.00 including food and a glass of wine. and to be bought in advance.  AL to send an email to members including a reminder about bringing an item for auction or providing a promise.
  5. French visit:
  • Wednesday: Guests arrive early evening. Reception of wine and snacks. RC to book Nottage Primary. AL and RL to purchase wine and snacks. BL to provide glasses.
  • Thursday: Trip to Penderyn Distillery and Brecon including coffee and a buffet lunch at a cost of £11.95. Evening could possibly be a music evening but a venue wasn’t agreed upon.
  • Friday:  Joint Committee meeting @ Council offices @10.30am. Afternoon will be free time. The Soiree d’Adieu will be in the evening at The High Tide Inn. This will be a 3 course meal with coffee including white tablecloths. (We will supply napkins) The cost will be £20.00 with wine. MW pointed out that we need to provide children’s meals for some of the children.
  • Saturday: various ideas to entertain children were discussed. Mary and Bobby offered to host a barbeque late afternoon. Some members and their guests wish to attend the Jazz concert in the evening. The jazz performance from the French will take place in the afternoon.  RL informed us that the Jazz Committee have agreed to give our French guests a 20% discount for the Saturday evening. RL asked whether the remaining cost of tickets could be subsidised further by the Association.


  1. AOB:  RL presented a letter from Alison at the Town Council inviting Joel in April to Porthcawl for our approval. The Committee were happy with the letter. RL to report back to Alison. DB suggested that IW prepare another newsletter for the benefit of members who don’t look at the website or have access to it. This needs to include information about the T’Winner’s’ draw, visits, hosting, the silent auction etc. DB to send IW a summary of what is needed. MW to provide information for KM to put in The Gem


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