Minutes 17th February

Minutes of the Committee meeting held @West Drive on Tuesday 17th February.

  1. Apologies: RL, SA.
  2. Correspondence: RC reported that the Council had replied to our request for funding and have granted us £500. RC has received an enquiry from Youth Work Ireland about giving children having difficulties a second chance. RC has linked this to the Association. DB has received an email from Gaelle, from Porthcawl Comp who has requested help hosting 2 teachers from SSSL. RR and RC have offered to help. RL has requested that the Council prepare an official invite to Joel; Copy available for checking.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: BL reported that we currently have £1185 in the c/a and £1527 in the d/a. This does not include the £500 from the Council.
  4. Membership Report: DB reported that he has collected the final o/s subs from Howard and Judy Williams and the Rugby Club.
  5. Schools:  MW reported that Gaelle has booked The Hi Tide Inn for a social evening on Saturday 21st March from 6pm.  The menus are from £7.95 and we are all welcome. KM offered to do a slide show on Porthcawl. MW to contact Gaelle to see if she wants us to do anything on the night.
  6. Social Report: It was agreed that we will use Nottage Primary to host our guests when they arrive on Wednesday evening. RC to contact school to confirm this. ME-L confirmed that Thursday would be the best day for the trip and suggested Penderyn whisky distillery with coffee before and a buffet lunch after in a nearby hotel. The cost would be £11.95 for the refreshments and approx £5.00 for the Penderyn visit. Sean Apsey has kindly offered to provide a barbeque at The Seahorse pub. Another suggestion was to have a buffet tea at The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club instead of lunch. Enquiries to be made re costs. ME-L has booked the Council Chambers for a joint meeting on Friday morning. The Soiree d’Adieu will be on Friday evening and ME-L has booked The Hi Tide Inn. It was agreed that we book the 2 accordion players from the Beaujolais evening and also a disco.  Some other form of entertainment could be added as well. There was much debate about the provision of alcohol. Enquiries are to be made re costs. Saturday night could possibly be the Barbeque with the Mayor or an evening at the jazz concert which would not be funded by the Association.  A jazz band from SSSL will be performing in The Grand Pavilion on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully the tickets are free but there may be a small charge. MW informed us that Claude Piron has been in contact with her to try and arrange a joint informal music concert with Porthcawl and is requesting help with the provision of instruments. Several suggestions were raised about a venue and enquiries are to be made.
  7. AOB:  We need to look into the possibility of The Council providing a gift. KM would like details about events so that he can put an advert in the Gem. MW suggested that we try to organise a fundraiser before the guests arrive. It was provisionally agreed that we hold a Silent Auction on Friday 21st March @ The Hi Tide or The Grove.  Hosting was discussed and some progress made. AL to send an email to all members to find out how many people are able to host.

Next meeting to be held @West Drive 0n Tuesday 24th This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .