Minutes 5th January 2015

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at 28 West Drive on 5th January 2015.


1. Apologies: RL

2. Minutes of the last meeting:  Proposed by DB, seconded by KM.  Matters arising- RR reported that he could see no enthusiasm for a football team visiting France. AL apologised to KM for not sending a thank you on behalf of the Association for the books he sent to SSSL in August. A letter will be sent in due course.

3. Correspondence: RC reported that he had received the renewal notice for the website and explained that we would receive a 20% discount should we renew for two years. After discussion it was decided to renew for this period to gain the discount.

4. Treasurer’s Report: BL stated that the books were up to date and that we currently have £1527.91 in the Deposit a/c and £1346 in the Current a/c. There is  £ 30.00 in cheques to be added. It was agreed that the outstanding monies from the Beaujolais evening due to no shows would be written off. The prizes for the T’winners draw will total £150.00 and be drawn at the next meeting. He stressed that we would need to revise the prizes at the next AGM if necessary. RC will prepare a letter for The Town Council to request financial assistance with funding.

5. Social Secretary’s Report: ME-L stated that the Beaujolais evening had been enjoyable despite losing money. The Xmas party had not gone ahead due to lack of interest in the venue. Several venues where we could take the French in April were suggested by ME-L including an Inner Wheel coffee morning and lunch at The Rafa Club. BL suggested that the forthcoming Business and Social meeting be held at The High Tide Inn and the date was agreed as the 5th February @7.00.

6. Membership Report:  DB reported that there were only 5 non payers at present including the Rugby Club. We welcome Jean Hughes as a new member. The membership now stands at approximately 80.

7. Reindeer Project:  RC reported that this had been a success for the children who participated although the number of entrants had been extremely disappointing. He felt that the concept had been good and that it had been well organised. He stressed that the input from The Gem and KM had been excellent. He has collected £150 from the Chamber of Trade but reported that it has cost us over £300.00 to execute and has involved a great deal of work. DB thanked members who had put in so much work.

8. Visit in April 2015:  The dates have been confirmed as 15th – 19th April 2015. Various suggestions were made to entertain our guests. Further discussion to take place at the next meeting.

9. Website renewal: Already covered.

10. AOB :  RC reported that he has received an email from Thierry in SSSL about a football exchange. He intends to reply but needs help with the translation. AL offered to help.  The possibility of a joint trip to London or Bruges was discussed but it was decided that we leave this until later in the year.  Fund raising ideas were again discussed and included a car boot sale and an auction. ME-L pointed out that the SSSSL sign at the Council offices needs to be cleaned up and repainted.  MW reported that school links with SSSL were progressing well.  ME-L asked if all Committee members could bring a raffle prize to each event.


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