Minutes 8th October 2014

Minutes of the PSSTTA  Committee meeting held at The Grove Golf Club on Wednesday 8th October 2014




Apologies: RL

Due to the urgency of the Reindeer project, this was discussed first.

Reindeer project: KM showed the art work and the stickers were discussed. MW handed out the translation of the original competition sheet. Rules discussed and the second version was adopted. It was decided that Donner should go on the list of reindeer. School  name  to go on the bottom of the entry form. 20 copies of each along with the poster to be distributed in schools.

Key dates----  KM stated that if everything he required was with him by Monday, then the first publication would be on 16th October. The introduction needs to go out with the first instalment. MW to modify the instalments as necessary in line with the reduced timescale. The  closing date will be 22/11/14. All completed forms to be handed into the Council Offices.  KM requested that the introduction be short and sweet. RC stated that the poster would be modified before being displayed in the various places. Winners are to be announced at the Christmas event on 29th November after the Bavarian Band. KM suggested that Joel signs the copies of his book which will be presented as prizes. It was agreed that the reindeer would be printed on A4 paper and laminated. (9 special reindeer and 30 ordinary ones) KM to print and MW to laminate. KM will give a bill for paper and ink to BL. RC to obtain a list from Chamber of Trade to see how many people will be participating. All entry forms will have to be printed in black and white to keep costs down.

Membership Report:  DB reported that there were many subs o/s and he felt that a newsletter should be issued asap to remind people. MW will ask IW about preparing one. A list of o/s subs was read out so that people could be chased up.

Treasurer’s Report:  BL stated that we have approximately £2500 in the bank.

Post visit meeting /European Languages : DB felt that we shouldn’t combine the two events. It was agreed that the post visit meeting be held on 29thOctober possibly at the High tide. MEL to arrange this. The Beaujolais evening could perhaps be combined with the European Languages evening with a possible date of 20th November although it was thought that this might be too close to Christmas.

Christmas party: This was discussed. MEL to contact Trecco Bay with a view to holding the event there at a cost of £15 on 12th December. RC stressed that we need to organise some sort of entertainment.

AOB; KM would like an official thank you from the association for the 2 books which he sent over to SSSL for the Maire, Joel. RR stressed the need to think about the return visit in April. He asked if any progress had been made about the football exchange and said that his son in law Mike Thomas was very interested as he ran a football team in Cefn Cribwr. BL said that we needed to confirm any possible jazz performance from SSSL with Wayne Warlow asap. MW reported that she has contacted Anne Rees from Porthcawl Comp about a possible exchange with the school in SSSL. Email address’s have been exchanged between the 2 schools and hopefully progress will be made. MW asked whether or not we would pay for an advert to go in the PAODS Broadway concert programme. The cost would be £30 to £35.