Minutes 1st July 2014

Minutes of the meeting held at the High Tide Inn on 1st July 2014

  1. Apologies: Bobby and Mary Lewis.
  2. Trip to SSSL August 2014:  RC welcomed possible new members who will be joining us on the trip. He confirmed that all monies had been collected and that 24 people would be travelling by coach/plane with 35 travelling in total. Pick up points were confirmed and RC reminded everyone to ensure that they went online to get their boarding passes.
  3. Membership: DB pointed out that people didn’t have to be members to go on the trip. However, it was hoped that they would wish to join when they returned. He then handed out membership forms.
  4. Porthcawl Carnival: RC suggested that we dress in Welsh and Breton costumes carrying a banner and that there was no need for a float.  MW plans to go to Pencoed Carnival to see what they do. RR offered to be on a float.
  5. Bastille night: As several members will be away and time was running out it was decided by the committee at the end of the meeting that it would not go ahead.
  6. Newsletter: Ivor and Angela are currently trying to produce another newsletter and need material for this. DB thought that we need one to be issued in the next few weeks.
  7. Volunteers: RC stressed that volunteers were needed for the various projects which we would like to pursue.
  8. AOB: MW raised the possibility of a craft event for children to be held at the Pavilion during the summer holidays. AL and DB offered to help out.  MW has tried to arrange something with the schools for the end of term and has contacted RP who is yet to reply.