Minutes AGM June 2014

Minutes of the PSSTTA AGM held at The Prince of Wales Public House, Kenfig on 18th June 2014 at 7.00pm.

20 members attended the meeting.

  1. Chairman’s introduction:  RC welcomed members and the new Mayor, Cllr Sean Aspey to our 15th AGM
  2. Apologies for absence: The Wards, Keith Morgan, Peter and Sandra, Helga Clarke, Caroline David, Alana Davies, Sheila Thomas, Mary Emment-Lewis, Richard Preece.
  3. Approval of minutes from last AGM:  No matters arising. Approved by RR and seconded by RL.
  4. Chairman’s Report: Full details are available on the website or by request from the Secretary. RC thanked the committee for their efforts and DB thanked RC for all his efforts over the past year.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: BL handed out the accounts and reported that the balance for the year end 2013 was £2144.06. He explained that the balance was not great this year as the cost of hosting our guests in 2013 had to be taken into account along with the decline in raffle takings due to poorer attendance at events. He also queried future payments for adverts as he felt that we could not really afford these at present. LD-W explained the accounts in further detail. She stressed that any large bills should be discussed by the committee and minuted. David Anderson thanked BL and LD-W for the clarity of the accounts.
  6. Membership Secretary’s Report: DB stated that we currently have 79 members including 13 corporate members and 7 schools. We have had no new individual or family members during the year. However DB is hopeful that the new people who are going on the trip to SSSL will eventually join. He continues to oppose the increase in fees as he maintains that this would be an excuse to leave the association.  He reminded us that the subs are due on the 1st July.
  7. Social Secretary: ME-L was unavoidably absent so there was no report.
  8. Town Twinning Co-ordinator: MW hopes to make more progress next year.
  9. Youth Liaison Officer:  RP was absent but no progress has been made with the school’s programme and, again, the schools will not be visited this year.  DB was very disappointed with the lack of action.
  10. Election of officers:
    • Chairman. RC to continue. Proposed by IW and seconded by JB.
    • Secretary.  AL to continue. Proposed by EW and seconded by DA.
    • Treasurer: BL to continue. Proposed by TW and seconded by RL.
    • Membership Secretary: DB to continue. Proposed by RC and seconded by MW.
    • Social Secretary: ME-L to continue. Proposed by LDW and seconded by BS.
    • Town Twinning co-ordinator: MW to continue. Proposed by IW and seconded by LDW.
    • Youth Liaison Officer: No action at present.
    • Appointment of Auditor for 2014/2015:   Andrew Singer has agreed to do this.
    • Confirmation of new Mayor as President:  Cllr Sean Aspey said that he would be delighted to become our new President and that he was looking forward to joining us in SSSL in August.
    • The Town Council’s nomination for their Representative:  Cllr Robert Lee will continue to do this role.

11.  AOB:

RR raised the possibility of fundraising by selling second hand books. LDW pointed out that we would need public liability insurance to have a stall. Bastille celebrations were discussed. Nothing organised to date. To be discussed shortly.

A bar meal was enjoyed by members after the meeting.


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