Minutes 29th January 2014

Minutes of the business meeting for PSSTTA held at The High Tide Inn on 29th January 2014.

Present: 20 members present in total including RC, AL, DB, RL, RR, KM, RP, MW ( committee members)

  1. Apologies: Anna Bedford, Bobby and Mary Lewis, Anne Rees, Barrie Stephens, Lorrie Desmond-Williams, Sheila Thomas, John Berry.
  2. Minutes of the Committee meeting held at the Rugby club on 16th October 2013. Minutes were accepted as a true copy of events. Matters arising – KM referred to the Reindeer Project and said that he may have sent offensive emails to MW. This was due to his frustration about having to repeat requests for information needed to serialise the story in the Gem. RC pointed out that that the Council and Chamber of trade had to pledge their support before we could proceed. As time was running out it was agreed that we should defer until next year.
  3. Correspondence: An invitation was received from Jill Sweet to attend the Mayor’s dinner dance in 1st March at the High Tide Inn @7.00. The cost is £20.00 per person to include a 3 course dinner and disco. Monies to Jill by 16th February please.( 160, New Road)  An email has been received from Joy Harding of St. Clare’s School in reply to a letter sent by Dave Bush following the presentation of the best French pupil award. She sent a photo of the presentation which can be viewed on the website along with their relevant Face book page and newsletter for us to read. She stated that she did in fact send an email back in November but we don’t appear to have received it. She also sent a press release for the Gem and Glamorgan Gazette which were not chosen to be published. Lowri Burridge, the pupil who received the award, wrote a letter of thanks to Rob Chick.  A letter and CD with photos of the Xmas party were received from Keith Morgan. These can be viewed on the website. AL thanked him for these.  He also sent an email offering to do a film show about Jules Verne and the machines in Nantes. An email was received from Valerie in SSSL proposing the following dates for the trip to SSSL in August. Arrival 27th August and departure on 1st September.  An email was received from David Zueras who is planning to create a business which sells Breton food in Wales. He requested contacts and preferences. Finally RC announced the very sad news from SSSL that Philippe Zenkowski had died on the 20th January. RC to send a card to his widow, Armelle, offering our condolences to his family.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Not available owing to the absence of BL.
  5. Membership Report: DB reported that we currently have 78 members although 2 have still not paid. Peggy Sarle has still not paid and DB has reluctantly decided to cancel her membership. There are 11 corporate members and 7 schools. Income of £675 has been raised from subs. We still need new members. KP suggested that we all try to attract 1 new member each to increase membership. Quote from DB “ the Membership Secretary’s job is not a happy one”
  6. Social Secretary’s Report: Not available as ME-L not present.
  7. Plan for the year: Not available. KP suggested that when considering this we should look for more events to encourage new people to join. RP added that we need to have more events to attract younger people. MW suggested that we try craft activities.  IW will include the Event’s diary in the next newsletter and will display it in public places where possible.
  8. Visit to SSSL: Valerie has proposed that this be from 27th August to 1st September. The travel arrangements need to be sorted ASAP and we will be looking for a volunteer to take this on.
  9. Rugby Tournament: Nick Thomas has sent RC an itinerary. The coach and ferry have been booked for 2 teams but probably there will only be 1 team going.  The coach will depart on 26th This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , returning on 28th June. Any spare seats will be made available to TT members but we need to book these ASAP. The cost will be approximately £120. More details will be available shortly.

10.  Carnival Float:  A team is needed to prepare a float should we wish to participate in the carnival.

11.  Reindeer project: MW explained that we were delayed last year as we needed the agreement of everyone before we were able to proceed.  She stressed the need to start much earlier this year if we are to succeed. MW to give KM the translation early on after a final decision has been made on the translation.

12.  School’s Programme: Several years ago RP went into schools for 4 days and would like to do the same again in 2 schools. He felt that the best time would be after the A level exams as there would be more pupils to help out. RC gave RP permission to proceed. MW wondered whether or not we could include other schools.

13.  AGM in April / May2014: RC stated that before this could take place the accounts need to be audited.

14.  AOB: Newsletter IW stressed the need for a list of social events. He also needs articles in a Word format please.  Email from David Zeuras to be circulated and any members who wish to help him can contact him.