Minutes 16th October 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at Porthcawl Rugby Club on 16th October 2013.

Present: RC, DB, RR, RL, AL, MEL, BL, MW, IW

  1. Apologies: Keith Morgan, Angela Williams.
  2. Minutes from last meeting:  Matters arising- RC reported no further information about the Boules pitch. RR reported that no progress had been made with regard to raising a football team for the International Youth Tournament.
  3. Correspondence: A letter has been received from Mike Clark thanking us for our generous donation to the Mayor’s Charity fund. An email has been received from Lindy Hutchinson of Bridgend Town Twinning informing us that she is now Treasurer and would no longer have time to be a member of Porthcawl Town Twinning. She thanked us for our friendship and hoped that we would be able to support Bridgend in their forthcoming 20th anniversary celebrations. The information was passed onto MW as our TT coordinator. An email was also received from David Newton- Williams about our possible involvement in the commemoration of WWII next year. RC suggested that the information be passed to KM as our representative.
  4. Membership: DB reported that membership now stands at 82. However several members have still not paid. He has recently collected over £100 in outstanding subs including £25 from the Sea bank Hotel.  He reported that this has been the worst year ever for collection of subs and recruitment of new members. He also reported that Rosemary Deere is going to present the shield at St Clare’s School. RP said that he was happy to assist in presentations to present a younger image. The prize will be a £25 cheque. RP added that the junior badminton team could possibly become corporate members.
  5. Finance report: BL is currently awaiting confirmation of bills/payments from the AGM and bank statements for further information.
  6. Events: ME-L reported that the European Languages night was very successful and that the raffle raised £54.29.The film night will be at The High Tide on 23rd October.  Meal orders to ME-L or AL. Beaujolais night was discussed. The Grove is offering a 2 course meal for £ 10.95. RC to look into possibility of going to a restaurant in Swansea. ME-L also reminded us that there would be a Cheese and Wine party at Mary and Bobby’s home on 7th November to raise funds. The Xmas party will be held at The High Tide on 6th December. This will be a 3 course meal with coffee and mince pies followed by a disco. Further forms of entertainment to be discussed. RC confirmed that we would be decorating a tree for the Rotary Christmas Tree festival again this year.
  7. Reindeer Project: RL reported that the Council have agreed to help with the funding. It was agreed that we postpone the event until next year due to a lack of time to organise the event properly. RL queried benefit to PSSTTA. It was agreed that the main gain would be from the publicity and possible new members.
  8. Rugby Trip: RC reported that a junior and senior team would be going to SSSL next June for 4 days. A 61 seat coach has been hired by the Rugby club and if there are any spare seats available we are invited to join them. The seniors will stay in a hotel and the juniors will be hosted.
  9. AOB: ME-L queried whether or not a trip to London could be tagged onto the next visit from SSSL as they had just spent a few days in London with guests from SSSL who had really enjoyed themselves. RC stated that the idea was worth exploring but we would be unable to fund the trip. DB stressed that a newsletter was desperately needed. IW reported that this was in hand and queried the format and content. DB to provide an article on membership. RR to write a historic article.  RP would like to train a junior Badminton squad to possibly visit SSSL. Apparently Joel’s son is a keen player! DB wondered whether or not we could organise a quiz for Year 6 in the primary schools. A Prize could possibly be a family trip to SSSL. ME-L wondered whether there was any possibility of our Mayor visiting SSSL before the end of his term of office. DB stated that there must be some event he could attend to represent us. MW asked whether or not we would be placing an ad in the Broadway Show programme. RC confirmed that we would. DB suggested a flier for the Film Night. AL to send emails to PC users and RP to deliver hard copy to all other members. It was agreed to have a Secret Santa again at this year’s party. RR pointed out that not everyone brings a gift. DB suggested that the newsletter should include all provisional dates for next year. ME-L suggested that we send a Christmas card to the Mayor and his Associates.


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