Business and Social Meeting 11-09-13

Business and Social Meeting held at The High Tide Wednesday 11th September 2013.

  1. Apologies: Peter and Sandra, Anne Rees, Mike Clarke, Mary and Bobby Emment- Lewis.

  2. Matters arising from Committee meeting held on 16th July at 29 Chestnut Drive. MW pointed out that we are welcome to visit the schools anytime next term not just in October as stated in the minutes.

  3. Correspondence: 4 e-mails were received since the last meeting. MW requested a meeting about the Reindeer project.  This could not be organised owing to members being on holiday at that time.  ME-L informed us that Mark from the Pavilion has stated that 40 is the minimum number for the film night if we wish to have a hot meal. Alternately we could have a cold buffet or sandwiches. We also received an e-mail inviting us to participate in The EUROP’foot 2014 international youth football tournament to be held in Vertou, France in June. Details to be circulated to local clubs. E-mail from Jill Sweet, Secretary of Porthcawl Chamber of Trade concerning the Reindeer project and the possibility of RC attending a meeting to explain in more detail what it is about.

  4. Treasurer’s report: BL not present so no report was available. AL to complete bank mandate as well as BL.

  5. Membership Report: A disgruntled and dispirited DB reported that his 100 membership target was likely to fail as we are losing rather than gaining members. Many prospective members have requested forms and many have even been hand delivered but none have been returned. 30 members have yet to pay their subs despite being reminded via the website (non Pc users were given a hand delivered reminder). DB feels that a lack of newsletter hasn’t helped in this matter. He would therefore like assistance in personal collections as this remains an important part of our income. Angela and Ivor Williams kindly offered to oversee the production of a newsletter with all members making contributions.

  6. Youth Liaison Officer: Richard Preece  has  agreed to take on the role although he may well be moving away from the area in the next few months. RP to think about setting up the role. Proposed by DB and seconded by RL.

  7. Town Twinning co-ordinator: Melanie Weaver read out the role and agreed to take it on. Proposed by DB and seconded by RR.

  8. Reindeer project: RC recapped the idea. MW stated that she has finished the translation of the book and would like all members to read through to see how well it reads. She has received publicity leaflets from SSSL and will translate them. Hopefully the Council will be able to do the art work and pay for the printing. MW will organise an informal meeting at her house to discuss matters further. We need about 6 or so members to attend. MW to circulate the date. The Gem needs to be contacted as well as The Seaside News.

  9. Rugby report: RR stated that there was no further news at present. RC recapped the situation re the trip to SSSL which will take place possibly next Easter. Andy Morgan is our contact at the club.

  10. Football Tournament: Already covered in correspondence, RR took a copy of the invitation to distribute.

  11. Boules : RC recapped the situation so far and stressed the need to make a decision on the matter to allow us to progress. We need information from Nick Thomas to do this. CD queried where the funding was coming from. RC confirmed that it would be from the Sport’s Council and the Boules League.

  12. AOB: RR asked if there were anymore details about the European Languages Day event on Friday 27th September at the Grove. RC explained that we would have more details when ME-L returned. Entertainment was discussed and DB said that he and Margaret were hoping to give a talk about languages. The price of a child’s meal was queried as this seemed quite high. Angela and Ivor will send out a bulletin to remind people about the event. MW asked if we would like to put an advert in the Broadway concert brochure at the Pavilion again and suggested that we could incorporate the Reindeer theme.  The evening finished with a puzzle about French Cities and an entertaining story in French by DB.


Beales Fish & Chips
Beales fish and chip shop has been around for many years. Its a very established and popular fish and chip shop located near the famous coney beach fairground.