Minutes 3rd June 2013

Minutes of the committee meeting held at The Lorelei Monday 3 June 2013 at 7.30.

Present - AL, RL, RC, DB, RR

1. Apologies: ME-L, BL, MW.

2. Minutes from last meeting: minutes of 16 April 2013 proposed and seconded. RC reported that JB has still not reported back about any possible Council restrictions regarding student exchanges. The Rest have charged us £48 corkage from the Soiree d’Adieu. Members have been billed but only 1 person has paid so far. There was some uncertainty about the number of bottles brought in by members.

3. Roles and Responsibilities of officers: RC handed out summaries which he had prepared and requested all committee should view and help develop further.
Role of Secretary:

  • Take minutes.
  • Prepare and issue agendas.
  • Notify members of meetings and decide dates and arrange venues.
  • Post minutes on web and send hard copies to non computer users.
  • Deal with correspondence. Notify ME-L of all business meeting so that they can be added to the social agenda.

Role of Social Secretary:

  • Publish calendar of events following agreement with members and committee.
  • Publish annual calendar of social events and inform members in due time by email or by hand if no email facility. The business secretary shall inform of dates for business and committee meetings to incorporate within the calendar.
  • Advertise events including details and costs of meals, refreshments and venue etc. Notify committee and treasurer of costs/liabilities.
  • Collect applications and distribute tickets (if applicable) for all events.
  • Keep a record of all attendance costs and funds raised and inform treasurer.
  • Book venues.
  • Order food.
  • Promote raffle or other fundraiser within the rules of the association.
  • Ensure that cancellations do not incur cost to the association.
  • Facilitate organisation of entertainment booked.

Role of Treasurer:

  • Keep accurate record of all budgets, accounts and financial statements.
  • Record all income and expenditure in proper format.
  • Report any exceptional items to Chairman and Secretary immediately.
  • Ensure proper controls are in place- cheque signatories etc.
  • Arrange audit of accounts in due time for AGM.
  • Present account to meeting as requested.
  • Collect all monies due from members and others in respect of subscriptions and events.
  • Provide budget figures for all events with forecast of net profit/ loss.
  • Apply to Town Council or other agencies for support funding.

Role of TT Co-ordinator:

  • To work under direction of TTA committee.
  • Contact other local TTA
  • Raise awareness of events and promotion between organisations
  • Exchange ideas – reviews purpose at this point
  • Organise assembly / conference in Porthcawl or??
  • Participate in visits to other TTA’s
  • Organise visit for French youth – e.g. rugby matches, choirs, orchestras etc. with other twin towns. Also for Welsh youth to reciprocate
  • Organise trip to other TTA partners in France – possible joint conference events in France.
  • Explore fund raising initiatives.

Role of Youth Liaison Officer:

  • Liaise with local schools and other youth organisations e.g. Guides, Scouts, and Lifeguards etc.
  • This role is still under discussion. RC feels it is important to develop this role as it could help us to achieve charitable status should we go down that route.

4. School’s programme: DB reported that Jessica Davies has offered to organise the school’s visits this year. RL to contact. It was felt that the approach should be more to promote awareness than have a language basis. It was discussed whether or not the visits could be postponed to the autumn term when we could incorporate the Reindeer project which could be organised by our new Youth co-ordinator.

5. Draft events calendar: ME-L not present. To be discussed later. However as the Bush BBQ is imminent it was decided to post a flyer to remind members. To ask also for an expression of interest in the new roles and possible volunteers for the schools’ programme.

6. Petanque court: Nick Thomas has contacted RC as he is planning the u16's Rugby trip to France and needs some contacts. Little progress has been made in respect of the Petanque court but Nick has proposed that he will progress himself.

7. Rugby report: RR will be attending the rugby club AGM soon and will bring up the possibility of an exchange. Members seemed very responsive when recently discussed so RR is hopeful of an exchange. RC stated that if we are involved in any exchange then we would like some recognition for it.

8. Wind band: to be discussed at a later date.

9. AOB: Pencoed TTA has a summer ball next week. Details on the website. RC would like to have a stall at the Xmas fair. It was agreed we should go ahead to promote our association. DB wants to send out a newsletter reminding members about subs. The format of headed paper was discussed. RL to finalise. He is also going to design and organise the printing of PSSTTA business cards. RC gave DB a record of all members.


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