Minutes 16th July 2013

Minutes of the Committee meeting held at 29, Chestnut Drive on 16 July 2013.

Present:  RC, DB, MW, RL, AL, BL, ME-L

  1. Apologies: KM, RR.

  2. Minutes of previous meeting held on 3 June 2013: No matters arising.

  3. Treasurer’s handing over of accounts and signing of mandates: RC has passed accounts to BL. No debts outstanding.

  4. Calendar and future events: RC stressed the need for a French flavour where possible and also to use the venues of our Corporate members. ME-L suggested various venues and activities which were discussed at length by the Committee. Several dates, events and venues were agreed upon and ME-L to provide a calendar of events to be posted on the website. MW queried any action re the Reindeer project. RC informed us that Anne Plough, from SSSL, will contact us in September with advice on how to progress.

  5. New posts of Youth Liaison Officer and Town twinning co-ordinator: Richard Preece is interested in the Youth Liaison post and Melanie Weaver in that of Town twinning co-ordinator. MW informed us that Jessica Davies would be unable to assist in the Schools Programme this July. MW has spoken to Nottage Primary and they would be happy to receive us in October instead.

  6. Boules proposals- intention to progress: RC has spoken to Nick Thomas who still wishes to progress. RC queried how this would happen and we are awaiting confirmation.

  7. Rugby: the trip to SSSL is currently being organised.

  8. BBQ feedback:  DB reported that the event was attended by 22 people and that £44.70 was raised. He was disappointed that the turnout wasn’t greater.

  9. AOB: DB reported that the membership currently stood at 85. As many of the subs are outstanding (due 1st July) he requested help in collecting them. AL agreed to send a reminder via e-mail to all members. DB queried due date for corporate members as some had joined at different times. It was agreed that the due date for all members should be 1st July. Anne Rees has kindly donated £10.00 along with her membership fee. RL distributed the new business cards.

  10. Next meeting: It was decided that this would be a full business meeting which would be held on Wednesday 11th September, possibly at The High Tide. ME-L to arrange this.


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