Minutes AGM May 2013

PSSTTA AGM held at The Grand Pavilion Stage door on Wednesday 15 May 2013 at 6.30.

1. Apologies: Neil Sumner, Lorrie Desmond-Williams, Alana Davies, Bill Duff, Anne Rees.

2. Approval of minutes from last year’s AGM: Proposed by RC and seconded by JB.

3. Matters Arising: MH stated that he previously reported that we had £ 127 in our funds when the figure was in fact £147. He has produced a revised sheet to correct this.

4. Chairman’s report: RC stated that since the last AGM we have held 10 meetings and 11 social events. We also visited SSSL last August and received our French guests here in Porthcawl recently. We have also supported several community events throughout the year and ran a school’s programme. He thanked various individuals for their efforts. Future projects were discussed including our 15th anniversary celebrations next year. Membership and exchanges were mentioned. Full details will be available to view on the website.

5. Treasurer’s report: A 2 page summary was issued by MH who reported that the balance for the year ending April 2013 was £3469.67. He explained the accounts and said that he has a 6/7 page spreadsheet should anyone wish to view it. RC stressed that in future, tickets would be required for events to prevent us from losing money which we have done at one event last year. ME-L queried whether or not subs should be increased this year. RC felt that they should remain low to prevent a feeling of exclusivity. JB proposed that the accounts be adopted and thanked MH for his services. Seconded by RL. MH thanked Andrew Collier for his assistance and also his wife Janet.

6. Membership Secretary’s Report: DB reported that we currently have 84 members. However, 4 have not yet paid and 3 of these will be removed. We have 11 corporate members thanks to RL. DB thanked M and JH for their efforts and hospitality. He made a plea for more people to pay by s/o and thanked all those who had paid promptly. He also added that he is against increasing subs as it gives people an excuse to leave the Association. CD propped that we accept the report. Seconded by RC.

7. Election of Officers:
Chair: Rob Chick offered to continue as Chairman. Proposed by JB seconded by IW.
Secretary: Ann Lee to take on role of Minute Secretary and Secretary. Proposed by JB and seconded by MW.
Treasurer: Bobby Lewis to take over from MH. Proposed by KM and seconded by JA.
Membership Secretary: DB to continue. Proposed by IW and seconded by RR.
Social Secretary: ME-L to continue. Proposed by RC and seconded by ST.
Events and Publicity Officers: ME-L and KM to continue. Proposed by CD and seconded by RL.

8. Appointment of Auditor 2013/2014. The current auditor is stepping down and no replacement has been found as yet.

9. Confirmation of new mayor to act as President: RC asked Mike Clark, the new Major if he would stand as our president and he said that he would be delighted to stand and attend meetings with his wife Nora.

10. Town Councils’ nomination for Representative: RL is to continue as the Councils’ representative.

11. AOB:
a. RC stated that resolutions which were received too late and not considered burning issues, shall not be included as part of the AGM agenda. The Chair is of the opinion that all members should be duly consulted before such appointments are made.
. Town Twinning Coordinator. The first resolution is that “The association give consideration to the appointment of a Town Twinning coordinator to the Committee, the role and responsibility of such a post to be written down and a copy issued to all members for due consideration at a future business meeting. Subject to the resolution being accepted, those candidates duly proposed and seconded shall be invited to speak. In the event of there being more than one candidate there shall be a ballot by members present in accordance with the rules stated in the constitution.”
. Youth Liaison Officer. There is a further resolution that we consider a permanent role and appointment of a Youth liaison officer. This would not only deal with schools but other youth groups e.g. Sea cadets and life guards etc. RC proposed that we deal with this in the same manner as that detailed above for the TT coordinator.

b. ME-L reported that the French were very upset at the barbeque because of the lack of wine.

c. DB supported the idea of Youth liaison officer as he finds it embarrassing when nothing happens. He would like someone to organise a small team to visit the primary schools in July. Anyone with ideas or who could offer their time to contact him.

d. KM, who is now the liaison officer for the museum, said that he felt that he was overlooked at the joint meeting when he presented photos and books to the French councillor, George for distribution to our French guests. RC thanked him for his efforts.


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