Minutes Joint meeting 2013

Minutes Joint meeting of the St Sébastien and Porthcawl Town Twinning Associations.

Town Council Offices, Victoria Avenue, Porthcawl at 9.30 am Monday 6 May 2013.

The meeting was opened by Rob Chick, Chairman PSSTTA who welcomed all to the meeting. He took the opportunity to remember Dominique Revol from SSSL, a good friend of the Association, who sadly passed away this year, as well as Doreen Owen, a supportive member of PSSTTA who has recently passed away. We send our best wishes to Phillipe who continues to be in poor health.

1. Apologies: None.

2. Mayor’s welcome. Alana Davies welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all for attending.

3. Minutes of meeting in August 2012: The minutes of last year’s joint meeting were summarised by RC and VS.

4. Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

5. Chairman’s report SSSL: Valerie introduced the 2 youth councillors from SSSL, Clemence and Zoe, and sent greetings from the Maire. Georges Normant sent greetings from Marie- Christine Laurent, the councillor responsible for Town Twinning. Clemence spoke about projects for the Youth Council in SSSL and about the Web radio which started 6 months ago. They broadcast on Sunday mornings and will be including Porthcawl in future broadcasts. AD talked about the Youth Council in Porthcawl and the possibility of a project on Kati. MH suggested we place an advert in the local paper requesting a volunteer. AD suggested a column could be appropriate. MH stated that he had been in contact with Port Talbot Wheelers about a cycling tour from SSSL and that there was a possibility of European funding. More details to follow.

6. Chairman’s report Porthcawl: RC reported that we had had a successful year with various activities organised. DB reported that membership was slightly up due to several new corporate members being recruited by RL, who confirmed that we currently have 45,000 hits on our website. ME-L added that her daughter would now be joining as she had been very impressed with the ambiance between the 2 organisations. RC stated that the raison d’etre had diminished over the years and he wanted to review our objectives. AD agreed that we should revisit the Constitution. VS stressed that both Associations needed new blood. It was suggested that we make an effort to contact other TT associations.

7. Programme 2013/2014:
a. Reindeer Project: AD expressed concerns about how it was going to work. VS to ask Joel the Maire if it would be possible to have the book translated into English. ME-L suggested a synopsis on flyers /web for schools for children to see. Anne Plaude is our contact in SSSL.

b. Wind Band: Nothing has been arranged so far. AD will contact Department of
Performing Arts, Bridgend.

c. School Exchanges: MW reported that attempts have been made but with little success.
VS stated that there was a possibility of an exchange with 20 pupils next year and will
keep us informed. MW will contact Anne Rees at Porthcawl Comprehensive to make

8. 15th Anniversary celebrations 2014: VS stressed that they would have to wait until
after the local elections in France in March/April as there could be a new Maire.

9. Date of next visit to SSSL: Several dates were discussed with a view to keeping the
gap between visits to approx 12 months. Further discussions required at this stage.

10. AOB: KM requested a contact in SSSL to assist with WW1 Centenary celebrations.
KM handed information to Councillor GN who will find the appropriate contact in
SSSL. KM also handed over information to GN to hand out to French members on the
coach tomorrow. There was also a brief discussion about holding a car boot sale in
Porthcawl to raise funds just as SSSL does.


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