Minute 9th April 2013

Porthcawl St Sébastien Town Twinning Association

Minutes of the members meeting held at The High Tide on 9th April 2013.

Apologies: RR AD. RL

A. Visit dates 2nd to 7th May:

1. Host List: This has now been finalised by RC and was distributed. 2 copies per host.

2. Itinerary: RC handed out finalised host list.

3. Reception: Contact has been made with Nottage Primary School. Awaiting a response. Arrival time to be confirmed but will be approximately 6 pm.

4. Mayor’s Extravaganza: Dancing, music and a hog roast. Fancy dress or smart casual. Cost to members will be £12.50. Visitors will be paid for by PTC. MW queried whether there would be a reduced cost for children. To be advised later by RC.

5. Barbeque: Barbeque at B and ME-L’s house at 2.30pm. Hosts to provide food and drink. Plates, glasses and cutlery will be provided.

6. Latch Concert: 64 tickets have been taken by the Association. Members to pay for own tickets and visitors will be paid for by the Association.

7. Gloucester trip: We will leave the Rugby club at 8.30 am. Journey time approx 1h40. Museum trip starts at 10.30 and will finish at12.30. Lunch with guests, either restaurant or picnic. RC reports a good choice of restaurants around the Dockyard. Refer to City of Gloucester website for further information. At 2.00pm we will sail up the canal to Saul where we disembark for a short while before returning by boat to Gloucester at 5.30pm. A cream tea will be served on board. We expect to arrive back in Porthcawl by 7.45pm. The cost will be £16 for hosts. Guests will be paid for by the association. Valerie will confirm the number of spare seats on the French bus in due course. Driven will be providing a coach for us.

8. Joint Committee meeting to be held on Monday 6th May at 9.30am in the PTC offices. We will be discussing the date of the return visit and it was agreed that mid April – end of May would be a good time for us.

9. Soiree D’Adieu: Venue to be confirmed. Various suggestions discussed including The Stage Door, The Hi-Tide, Trinity Church, The Glamorgan Holiday Home, The Seabank Hotel. The Rest, The United Services Club. Buffet/ cooked meal to be decided. Entertainment discussed. Sheila Thomas is looking into this. MW to contact Pen y fai Dancers. Budget will be £200. The numbers are expected to be approx 80. There will be no cost for members or guests.
Porthcawl St Sébastien Town Twinning Association

B. AGM 15th May The Hi-Tide:

10. Nominations for officers to Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

11. Vacant posts: Secretary.

C. Committee meeting will be held in the Lorelei on Tuesday 16 April at 7.30.
(Decided post meeting)

AOB: AL reported that Ceri Joseph, the secretary of The Porthcawl Museum is
looking for information on SSSL’s experiences during WW1 as the Museum will be
one of many organisations throughout the country doing exhibitions to commemorate
WW1 next year. If anyone is interested in helping to find information please contact
her at the museum. It was decided that we would send a letter in reply. We will ask
our guests to bring any relevant information with them when they come over. KM
would be very interested in helping. JB wondered if anyone from the museum could
come and talk to us about this. KM to contact Ceri Joseph.
Anne Rees from Porthcawl Comp has sent us a cheque for £20 to help with the costs
of the SSSL visit and said that she was sorry that she would not be able to be

RC thanked MW for translating The Reindeer book written by Joel the Maire. RC
suggested that, from September, we should ask the Gazette to run a serialised version
of the book as a Town Twinning awareness exercise. KM would like the English
version of the book to give to the Gazette. DB asked MW to make sure that the plural
of reindeer was reindeer!

MH announced that, because of other commitments, he would not be seeking reelection
as treasurer next year. RC thanked him for his services but advised that we
would cover this further at the AGM. AL has advised that she would be willing to
take on the role of Secretary should no-one else volunteer.


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