Minutes 22nd February 2013

Minutes of the committee meeting held at the Lorelei at 6 pm on 22 February 2013

1. Apologies: RL AD

2. Visit 2013: RC confirmed that a provision of £500 has been made by Porthcawl Town Council to help fund visitor costs. MH stated that there was approximately £4000 in the bank.

A draft itinerary was decided upon as follows:

  • THURSDAY 2 May: The French guests will arrive in Porthcawl at approximately 6 pm. A reception will be held hopefully at Nottage Primary school. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.
  • FRIDAY 3 May: Day with hosts followed by The Mayor’s Extravaganza in the evening at the High Tide Inn. Cost to members will be approx £10. All guests will be paid for by PSSTTA.
  • SATURDAY 4 May: Free morning followed by a barbeque at M and B E-L’s house in the afternoon. Members need to contribute food and drink. We can attend the Latch concert in the evening at The Pavilion. There will be a Queen Tribute Band and dancing. Members will pay approx £15. Guests paid for by Association. Cost approx £600.
  • SUNDAY 5 May: Organised coach trip to Gloucester followed possibly by a boat trip. Approx cost £600. To be finalised.
  • MONDAY 6 May: Free day with hosts. Soiree d’adieu in the evening possibly at The High Tide or The Stage Door at The Pavilion. Entertainment to be arranged. Approx cost per head for the guests would be £15.
  • TUESDAY 7 May: Our guests will depart in the morning.

3. A form will be sent out to project attendance. RC has been working on the hosting and has sent a provisional list to Valerie.


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