Minutes 4th February 2013

Minutes of Social and Business Meeting held at the High Tide 4th February 2013.

Present: RC MH RR ME-L RL AL CD Ken

1. Apologies: DB RJ DH MW LD-W AR KM C&AW NS ST

2. Minutes of committee meeting 7 December 2012. These were written by ME-L and will be passed to AL for publishing on website in due course.

3. Correspondence: RC has sent a letter to Porthcawl Town Council re grant to attend the Mayor’s Extravaganza in May with our French guests and possible further funding. An e-mail has been received from C Hebreteau in SSSL. This has been sent to MW to translate. An invitation has been received from PTC to participate in the annual pancake race on 10 February. We need a team. ME-L agreed to sort this out.

4. Membership Report: In DB’s absence RC reported that we currently have 80 members, including 2 new members, Menna and Robert Davies. DB is still appealing to non payers and is finding the task increasingly difficult.

5. Finance Report: MH reported that we have £1813.97 in the C/A and £1526.60 in the R/A. Total £3340.57. We had a surplus from the Xmas party of £116.70. The T’Winners club paid out a total of £175 in prizes to DB, PH and DB. This resulted in an overall profit of £131 for the year. MH hopes for an increase in membership this year.

6. Feedback on the Xmas party etc: RC reported that the PTC Xmas event day was very successful and that our stall was well received. He would like to thank the Jazz Committee for the loan of the marquee, AD for providing the display boards and KM for the photos. He would also like to thank Sussed for the electricity although we were charged £5 for this. The Bran tub ran by MW and AL raised £34. We have not yet gained any new members from this but we were able to successfully promote our organisation. There are lots of photos on the website which give a flavour of the day. RR sent his apologies as he had to attend his grandson’s birthday party. The Xmas party at The Rest Home was very successful and 57 people attended. Thanks to MH who stood in as Father Christmas and to those who helped in the organisation.

7. Visit May 2013 and Itinerary:

  • Thursday 2 May: French guests arrive.
  • Friday 3 May: Mayor’s Extravaganza at the High tide.
  • Saturday 4 May: Barbeque at ME-L’s house late pm. Bring your own food. Followed by The Latch charity concert at The Pavilion. Cost of  concert is £16. RC looking into whether or not we could subsidise the cost for the French.
  • Sunday 5 May: Trip day. Ideas needed! To be discussed in due course.
  • Monday 6 May: Leaving event possibly at The High Tide with a Ukulele band as entertainment and perhaps a disco.
  • Tuesday 7 May: Guests depart.

The itinerary is provisional and will be discussed in more detail. RC Stated that there will be approximately 40-45 visitors. SSSL have also suggested a wind band exchange but it was felt that it would be too complicated and that this would be better done separately.

8. Upcoming Social Events: Ideas are needed. These will be discussed further at the next meeting on 22 February 2013.

9. Schools Programme and Exchanges: MW reported via RC that nothing is planned at present.

10. Events Calendar 2013: ME-L to put together a provisional list of social events for the year.

11. Date of AGM: This will take place in mid May, post visit.

12. AOB: Boules pitch at Griffin Park. Nick Thomas is still looking at the construction of 2 pitches but does not want to be involved any further. It was agreed that we send out a leaflet to all members requesting ideas for the trips in May. We also need to ask who will be hosting. CD reported that there was going to be an event on 11 April at the Grand pavilion called "An Afternoon in Paris" which members may be interested in. RC reported that he had been informed of the death of Doreen Owen, a founder member of the association. DB had advised that although ill health had prevented her attendance since the early years, she had continued to be a member and had always expressed a keen interest and support for the work of the association. Members expressed their sympathy for the family.


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