Minutes 20th September 2012

Minutes of P.S.S.T.T.A. meeting held at 4, Lougher Gardens – 20th September 2012

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Malcolm Hanbury, Lorrie Desmond-Williams, Richard Rowe, Cllr Alana Davies, Cllr Robert Lee, Ann Lee

1. Apologies: Mary Emment–Lewis.

2. Financial report MH stated that we hold £1971 in our current account as of 7/9/12 less £640 owing to the bus company for recent journey to airport. We have £33.01 in cash. Total balance is therefore £1364.76. There is also £1526.30 in the reserve account. RC stressed the need for fundraising in view of the forthcoming visit from SSSL. DB stated that there are subs of approximately £200 -£300 outstanding. MH to contact Sandra Townsend in respect of the coach travel payment. Mike Clarke is claiming on his insurance policy in respect of travel costs. RC to forward details of costs to MC

3. Recent visit to SSSL. RC confirmed that this had been very successful and enjoyed by all. Alana Davies is preparing a report as Mayor and will email this to RL. A general report will also be prepared for the website.

4. Projects arising from recent joint committee in SSSL. These included a music exchange and reindeer projects which were both raised at the meeting with the Council on 19/9/12. The reindeer project was discussed which involves local children taking part in a competition to find a reindeer and relates to a children’s book which has been written by Joel, the Mayor of SSSL. The music exchange will be discussed later.

5. European Languages day: This will be postponed until mid October as nothing has yet been organised and ME-L is away. LD-W stressed the need for some more interesting events and RC agreed. He also stated that, in future, entry to events should be by ticket only and then we will have a more accurate idea of numbers. The Beaujolais evening in November was discussed but nothing yet decided. There would be the possibility of using the newly refurbished YMCA. LD-W to investigate costs etc. DB suggested that the new French assistant from the Comp could give a talk on Reunion Island as this is where he is from. LD-W wondered whether AD could give a presentation as well. AD agreed to present similar talk as in SSSL.

6. Proposed football tournament: An invitation has been received from Jean- Claude Gardahaut in SSSL to take part. RC will invite Porthcawl to participate.

7. Proposed u16’s rugby trip to Basse Goulain: According to RR, this is not progressing too well at the moment. RC asked RR to request a response from Geoff Power of Porthcawl RC. If they are unable to attend we could ask Bridgend Athletic Rugby Club

8. Christmas party. MH suggested an earlier date in December and this was agreed. It was hoped to keep the cost below £20 if possible. RC asked if MH could lead on this -- decision to be made later.

9. Christmas tree festival: RC stated that we are hoping to give more emphasis to the scope of TTA work this year. RC is to decorate the tree and is having cards printed with our contact details. MH has baubles which were purchased for last year.

10. Boules pitch at Griffin Park: RC has met Nick Thomas and progress is being made. Mike Clarke has confirmed that £5000 has been earmarked for the project along with land at Griffin Park.

11. Next Year’s visit from SSSL: This will be from 2 May 2013 to 7 May 2013. RC suggested that we form a working party of volunteers as soon as possible to help with the organisation. It was agreed that this would be a good idea.

12. The 15th Anniversary 2014: RC stated that we will be in France for this and need to think ahead about funding.

13. Interim events: RC would like to see less small events which tend to attract poor attendance and would prefer to have larger events to boost funds. Need to consider if events are fund raising or promotional or perhaps both.

14. Janet Anderson’s report on the Schools competition: JA has prepared a report and DB suggested that she gets together with Melanie Weaver to discuss the matter.

15. Trip to France Show: There is a possibility of repeating this successful trip in January. MH is happy to look into this.

16. AOB: RC has received a newsletter from Pencoed inviting us to a skittles evening and fish and chip supper. RC stated that he has discussed possibility with AD of including the neighbouring twin towns in a conference similar to one held in SSSL.