Minutes 20th June 2012

Minutes of PSSTTA committee meeting on 20th June at The Hi Tide Inn Porthcawl.

1. Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Mary Emment-Lewis, Lorrie Desmond- Williams, Rob Lee, Ann Lee, Melanie Weaver, Richard Rowe, Mike Clark, Nick Thomas.

2. Apologies: Alana Davies, Keith Morgan. RC welcomed 2 guests, Councillor Mike Clark who will be visiting SSSL in August with his wife Norah, as Alana Davies’s deputy. Mike is also Chairman of Griffin Park Committee. RC also welcomed Nick Thomas who will be involved in setting up a Petanque pitch at Griffin Park.

3. Previous minutes: These were approved and accepted.

4. Correspondence: The Town Council requested that we have 2 co-opted members from the Association on the Tourism and Events committee. MEL has been selected as our representative, assisted by LD-W as her deputy. Alana Davies has e-mailed RC asking if she could attend all committee meetings. RC confirmed that this was possible and that she would be able to vote. Mike Clark has e-mailed RC expressing an interest in our Association.

5. AGM Feedback: RC was very pleased with the turnout as nearly 40 people attended and the evening, particularly the wine tasting, went very well. RR stated that he didn’t have a hard copy of the AGM minutes. AL handed him a copy.

6. General Picton lunch: ME-L reported that this was very successful with a turnout of 30 people although we had only booked for 20. The quiz from DB was enjoyable and the raffle raised £37.

7. Trip to SSSL: RC reported that quotes have been received by MH for coach travel in both France and UK. The final cost should be £ 210 including flights. DB queried coach cost in France as this seems quite expensive. He wondered whether the hosts would be able to pick us up. RC is communicating with Valerie about this and will also look into the apparent high cost of the French coach. A final response about numbers is required by 21 June. To date there are 36 members travelling in total with 14 members travelling independently.

8. Petanque: Nick Thomas talked about leagues already established in Wales of which there are 17. There will be a meeting at The Lorelei on 27 June to discuss the finer details. Mike Clark explained that the BCBC is very keen for Griffin Park to be taken over by Community groups. DB suggested that The Lorelei becomes the headquarters for our League and that we ask them to become Corporate members.

9. Bastille Day: After much debate it was decided that the event would be held at The General Picton, who are now corporate members, on 14 July. RC suggested that we give out 20 complimentary tickets to families to encourage new membership. However, it was agreed that it would be too expensive to give free tickets to adults as well as children. ME-L offered a choice of hot meal or buffet and it was agreed that we would have a buffet for the cost of £6.50 approx. Proposed by DB and seconded by RR. Entertainment to be confirmed at a later date. Fancy Dress required.

10. Schools Programme: MW explained what happens to our guests. Dates to be discussed and plans finalised with ME-L and LD-W.

11. Bush Barbeque: DB reported that there was no new information but confirmed the time as 3pm, weather permitting.

12. Subs: DB stated that he had only received 1 standing order so far but had received several cash payments.

13. AOB: ME-L requested permission to sell raffle tickets for 2 for £1. This was agreed. She also asked about provision of raffle prizes. It was suggested that we have an appeal for prizes. DB asked if there had been any feedback on the composition of the committee. RC stated that there hadn’t been but we were actually oversubscribed at the moment. ME-L requested current list of members. RR informed us that Phillipe in SSSL had had a heart attack. RC to Skype Valerie and check how he is with possibility of sending a get well card. Mike Clark asked whether it was appropriate to take a present to SSSL in August. RC explained that this would not be necessary. Nick Thomas confirmed that the meeting in the Lorelei would be at 7pm. ME-L requested approx numbers for Bastille night. 60 was suggested. She also asked where the bunting etc was. RC said that he had some items. RC handed out proposals from Janet Anderson re the Schools Competition. This was received favourably by all and will be discussed further at a later date. RR asked RC if he had been in touch with Jeff Power from the rugby club and he confirmed that he had.


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